Maximize Your Crochet Business Income: Selling Crochet in July

Learn how to maximize your crochet business income and best practices for selling crochet in July with these easy seasonal marketing strategies.

The weather is definitely warming up and we all know that scorching sun and soaring temperatures can make it challenging to market your beautiful creations. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back. In this blog post, I’m going to share some fabulous tips to help you maximize your crochet business income throughout the month of July.

All of the information for this post is also available in the 2023 Content Calendar for Crocheters. This calendar is a marketing tool for crochet business owners and is full of marketing tips, social media holidays, and content advice to help your small business succeed. You can download your free copy by signing up for The Crafty Newsletter, or you can purchase a printed version on Amazon.

So grab your Content Calendar, or a notebook and get ready to take down some notes. Just remember, knowledge without action is a waste of time, and I’d never want to waste your time so be prepared to take some action and use the tips to help your business thrive. Messy action is better than no action!

Crochet Business Trends

The summer comes with its own unique trends. People are outside enjoying the nice weather, spending time with their families, going on vacation, and hosting warm-weather parties.

Selling Crochet In July Content Ideas

There are so many ways to tailor your content to the summer months and capitalize on these trends. Focus on outdoor activities, grilling and picnic ideas, parties, and of course the 4th of July holiday.

One example, if you sell Gracie Dolls in your shop, try adding bathing suits and pool floats as a seasonal option. You could also modify your best selling items with a red, white, and blue theme for the 4th of July, making your product more festive.

Reusable water balloons and popsicle holders are a great make for the summer. You can check them out over on the 9 Free Summer Crochet Patterns for Kids Blog Post along with so many other ideas.

Pattern Suggestions

The Gracie Doll Swimsuit – This is a great way to let kids enjoy pretend play with their Gracie dolls.

The Flamingo Pool Floaty – This fun pattern gives a touch of summer to any make. Add a pool floaty to any Amigurumi, dolls, or loveys to make them more festive and fun. They also make great photo props and can be made in different colors to make a swan using white yarn or a duck using yellow and making the neck just a bit shorter.

Crafty Rainbow Pillow – Everyone loves rainbows and bright beautiful colors in the summer.

The Crafty Pineapple Pillow – Pineapples are the ultimate summer fruit and these pillows are perfect for summery decor.

The Crafty Pineapple Wall Hanger – Speaking of decor, these Pineapple Wall Hangers give a fresh and festive look to any space and are perfect if your customers are looking for something to brighten up their space.

Crafty Watermelon Pillow – Just like pineapples, watermelons are another summer fruit that make great home decor options.

The Crafty Watermelon Rattle – If you sell baby items this is a great option. You can market it as a baby safe watermelon option for those littles who are too small for the real fruit and best of all, no seeds!

The Crafty Watermelon Wall Hanger – Another festive home decor option, these also make great door hangers for customers looking for summer porch decor.

The Lemon Peelo – These adorable pillows can be made in lemons, limes, and even grapefruits allowing you to collect all of the summer citrus fruits.

Crafty Boho Earrings, Crafty Loop Earrings, and Crafty Rainbow Earrings are great fashion pieces that let your customers show off their summer style while doing all of those fun summer activities.

The Amigurumi Surfboard Pattern – Nothing says summer more than the beach and surfing.

Baby Sea Animals – Speaking of surf, don’t forget about the sea. These baby sea animals are another great option.

Cookout Appliques – The fun thing about appliques is that you can put them on anything, a vest, a tote bag, a backpack, even a crochet backpack!

Crafty Shark Backpack – This is so much fun because the fin actually lets your kiddos dress up as a shark themselves.

Action Step

Things may still be pretty slow this month, but starting next month it’s going to pick up again and then it’s going to explode by fall!

Spend some time this month nailing down your shop’s color palette. If you try to make all the things, in all the colors, you’re ideal customers get decision paralysis. It’s overwhelming and it’s not going to attract your ideal customer.

Narrow down to 5-10 colors that look good together and use those to promote your winter makes this fall!

Next month folks are going to start preparing for going back to school! Start making school-themed items now so you can promote them at the beginning of the month and have some ready-to-ship options! I’ve created some great back-to-school patterns to get you ready including the Crafty Pencil Pillow, the Crafty Pencil Backpack, and the Crafty Pencil Pocket.

July Events

The Content Calendar also has an actual calendar full of all of the amazing holidays this month. It has a tracker, and even includes a note section where you can add notes for your own marketing plans this July. Here are some of the holidays on our calendar:

July 1st – International Joke Day, Canada Day

July 4th – Independence Day in America

July 5th – National Bikini Day – You create bikinis for your dolls, amigurumi, or even create mug or cup cozies featuring fun bikinis. This day can be fun without having to share yourself in a bikini.

July 7th – World Chocolate Day – Did you know I don’t like chocolate? I know, it’s strange to hear, but world chocolate day is a great way to engage with your audience.

Think outside of the box to include your makes. Add a chocolate latte to a mug rug, or put chocolate brownies in a crochet basket. Remember this is just another fun way to engage with your customers.

July 10th – National Pina Colada Day – This is a great day to show off those Pineapple makes for this Pineapple themed day.

July 13th – National French Fry Day – This is a great day to show off Amigurumi French Fries. Lauren has a great french fry pattern in her book, Crochet Cafe. You can also show your Gracie doll with her own french fries. Get creative to include your makes in this holiday and create conversations with your ideal customer.

Crochet Cafe Book- Amigurumi Crochet Patterns by Lauren Epsy

July 16th – National Ice Cream Day – I love ice cream and even have a ice cream yarn sticker that you can check out! Ice cream keychains and baby rattles would also be fun today. Share a story about ice cream, or share your favorite ice cream flavor. Remember, this is a time to connect with your customers.

July 17th – World Emoji Day – Ask your customer to post their favorite emojis, or maybe ask them to guess what you’re making or selling based on some emojis.

July 19th – National Hot Dog Day – We have an amazing hot dog applique pattern that is part of the Cookout Appliques. You can put these on anything. Make a garland, or add it to a best selling make. You can also use it as a photo prop.

You can talk about your favorite type of hot dog, or a story about when you eat hot dogs. Maybe you sell dinosaur backpacks, you can share a photo of a child roasting a hot dog with their backpack full of supplies.

July 20th – Get to Know your Customers Day – This is a great day to engage your customers. Give them a very specific prompt to answer to learn more about them. Maybe you have a brand built around coffee, ask your customers if they prefer iced or hot coffee.

Make sure your questions are easy to answer. Another way to get engagement is to give them a prompt that will let them give you their opinion or advice. Maybe you sell organic cotton facial rounds, ask your customers to give you their tips for removing toxins from your daily routine.

There are so many different ways to incorporate your makes while getting to know your customers better.

July 24th – National Cousins Day – You could tell a story of playing with your cousins and explain your memories of playing with dolls while highlighting the Gracie dolls. Maybe create Gracie dolls that are similar and call them cousins in your post.

July 29th – National Lipstick Day – This day immediately made me think of Donna from Three Am Grace designs. She has a lipstick pillow that would be perfect for this fun day. Maybe you built a brand around makeup and you can talk about national lipstick day.

You can talk about your DIY non-toxic lipstick. If you sell Crafty Facial Rounds you can show them taking off your makeup or kiss your round so that it has a lip print and talk about how it’s good for removing lipstick.

If you sell Claire Cozies you could post a photo of yourself with red lipstick drinking from your mug with a cozy.

If you sell Gracie dolls you could show dolls with different lip colors. Show your daughter playing with pretend lipstick, or making a mess with real lipstick, and talk about the difficulty in juggling mom life and business life.

July 30th – International Day of Friendship – This is a great day to talk about your friends. Maybe you have a friend who watches your children so you can work on your business. Maybe you met your friends through the crochet community.

The friends that I made in the crochet community helped pull me out of my postpartum depression back in 2018. That’s a story that is personal to me, that tells the importance of friendship day and lets you connect with your customers on a personal level.

July 31st – National Avocado Day – I actually have an avocado yarn-themed sticker and am planning on sharing an avocado gift pocket in the works. I’m going to hopefully have it out by this day so we can celebrate together!

My friend Ali has an amazing free Avocado Pillow crochet pattern here!

Other Events this Month

UV Safety Month

National Recreation and Parks Month

National Picnic Month – Very easy to celebrate national picnic month if you sell amigurumi food. You can take all kinds of pictures, make stop-motion cartoons

National Grilling Month– The cookout applique pattern set is a great way to celebrate national grilling month.

National Ice Cream Month

Independent Retailer Month – This month encourages people to shop at independent retailers and small businesses.

National Culinary Arts Month

National Anti-Boredom Month – This would be a good one to promote because Crochet keeps us from being bored. You can also share how you’re keeping kids from being bored this month while they’re home from school. You can also ask for advice on how to keep your kids from being bored this month.

National Peach Month – I was just thinking of the Peaches song from the Super Mario Movie. Kids love that song. Make a time-lapse of you crocheting peaches with the song in the background for a fun way to engage your customers and stay relevant. You could include Peach pillows, and there’s a Peach purse on the blog that would be great for Peach Month.

National Blueberry Month

World Watercolor Month – You could create watercolor thank you cards for the first twenty orders. You can even let your children join in on the fun creating custom Thank You cards. You can also video you and your kids making these thank you cards which helps your customers become emotionally invested and encourages them to purchase from your shop.

Pattern Content Ideas for Selling Crochet In July

That’s it for the month of July. I hope you got some great ideas on how to serve your ideal customer all month long.

If you’re looking for new ways to plan out your business content check out the Crafty Planner, available in my Amazon shop. Each planner has daily to-do pages, a space for your calendar reminders, a water tracker to help you stay hydrated, a space to practice gratitude and write out what you’re grateful for, and a to-do list for the day that already has your Etsy, Email, and Instagram task reminders. There’s even a mood tracker at the bottom.

I made this planner to help myself, but wanted to share it with you all in case it could help you. There are so many different design options and these planners are sure to help you show up more in your small business.

If you enjoyed the July money-making tips, head over and grab your free PDF of the 2023 Content Calendar which is full of tips, holidays, and marketing advice for the rest of 2023. I hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks for selling crochet in July! Best of luck to you, friend!

ūü©∑ Ashley

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