How to Make a Simple 4-Minute Bow on an Addi

Learn how to make this super simple knit bow on your Addi Express knitting machine.

Hey y’all! I’m excited to share with you how to make a super quick and easy bow! This bow looks great on your crochet makes like the Gracie Doll or Ava Bunny.

If you prefer to watch the video tutorial of this pattern, you can watch this video below.

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Let’s get started!

For this tutorial, I will be using this beautiful pink worsted weight yarn called Shine by We Crochet.

We’re going to start by casting our yarn onto our Addi Express machine, locking it into place; reset the row counter to 0, then crank out our bow body rows.

My first row is always a little weird for some reason with the Addi Express. But once I get past the first one, it’s a lot smoother.

The number of rows you make will determine the bulkiness or fullness of the bow.

For this Addi bow, I will be cranking 25 rows.

After you crank 25 rows, cut your yarn leaving about a 12-15 inch tail.

Then, thread your tail onto a plastic tapestry needle. Start slowing cranking your yarn machine and picking off the stitches one at a time and pulling your tail through.

After you pick up the last stitch, pull your tail to clinch all the stitches together.

Remove your needle and pull the other sides tail to clinch it shut.

Now we have the main body of our bow made and it’s time to squish it into bow shape.

I will be attaching my bow to a nylon head band. I got a large pack of these from amazon for less than $20.

You could also attach these bows to an alligator clip.

Start by making sure your clinch is tight on both ends and that all your stitches are adjusted and have fallen into place.

Begin to scrunch your bow shape, starting in the middle.

Your two cinched ends will be on the top and bottom middle of your bow.

Carefully begin wrapping one of your tails around the center of the bow to hold it into place.

Adjust your bow as you go.

After you have it wrapped a few times, grab the other tail and continue wrapping in the opposite direction.

After a few wraps, give your bow some adjusting and get ready to attach it to your headband or clip.

Lay the bow face down, grab your headband, and continue wrapping your tail around the center this time also going around the headband or clip while the clip is open.

Thread your tails onto a tapestry needle- this one I got from Clover. I like to thread both of my tails at the same time to make sewing them in faster.

Make a few passes with your tapestry needle hiding your tails between the center wrapping.

After you get your tails sewn in you can cut your yarn, make any final adjustments – then volia!

You have a cute and chunky little bow!

Photo by Shelby of En Route Ky

These look great as an accessory on your crochet makes or just on their own as a headband for littles!

I made a second bow with only 20 rows and attached it to an alligator clip for comparison.

This creme bow was made with Brava Bulky weight in Barely from We Crochet.

This one was made using Linen I Love This Yarn.

I made a tiny one with this variegated I Love This Yarn color.

And a rainbow one with some loops and threads yarn I got from Michael’s.

Here’s a pretty bow made with I love This Yarn’s Rosy Cheek’s Pink. It had 20 rows total.

This City Beat colored yarn from I Love This Yarn was made with 24 rows.

I hope y’all love this simple Addi bow pattern!

Have fun using different yarns, row counts and hardware options to see all the ways you can make these cuties.

If you post a picture, I’d love to see! You can tag me on Instagram @acraftyconcept. That’s all I have for today friends.

Happy Crocheting

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  1. Amy says:

    I am in love with the blanket in the photos. The design and colors are just beautiful! Do you have a pattern for this somewhere that you would be willing to share?

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