9 Free Summer Crochet Patterns for Kids

9 perfect summer crochet patterns to keep your kids occupied and entertained this summer. Top 9 free summer crochet patterns.

9 perfect summer crochet patterns to keep your kids occupied and entertained this summer. Top 9 free summer crochet patterns.

I absolutely love summer.

The days are long, warm, and everything feels so alive. The sun is life-giving after a long, dark, and cold winter. Pools are finally open again and lakes are bustling with boats, kayaks, and inner tubes.

Crocheting outside in the summer feels like sheer perfection! I love every. single. thing. about the season.

I’ve gathered 9 summer crochet patterns that I think you’ll love and are perfect to help you and your kids beat the heat this summer.

9 perfect summer crochet patterns to keep your kids occupied and entertained this summer. Top 9 free summer crochet patterns.

I hope this roundup helps you enjoy all the fun summer has to offer (and maybe helps you make a sale or two along the way!). Grab your crochet hooks, tapestry needles, scissors, and stitch markers, and let’s dive in!

1. Bitty Boho Bag

We’re starting off the roundup today with my very own Bitty Boho Bag. I’m convinced there’s nothing cuter than a toddler girl with her own dainty little purse! Choose a summery-colored yarn and it’s a perfect accessory for the season! This pattern is perfect for beginners and can be made in 1-3 hours.

I love crochet patterns with simple instructions!

There are even some free modifications to the pattern that can be found here and a full video tutorial you can find here.

The Bitty Boho Bag pattern uses basic crochet stitches like the single crochet stitch and the bobble stitch.

9 perfect summer crochet patterns to keep your kids occupied and entertained this summer. Top 9 free summer crochet patterns.

2. Crochet Water Balloons

You either spend a ton of time filling up and tying water balloons or you spend a ton of money on the “easy fill” kind. The fun lasts about 2 minutes and then you’ve got a bunch of small rubber pieces all over your yard to clean up. NOT fun.

That’s why I LOVE these crochet water balloons from Stitch by Fay. These babies are reusable, don’t take a ton of yarn, and are so easy to fill up that a toddler could do it. Now that’s fun for all ages!

Not to mention they would make a great gift for kiddos in your life.

This is the perfect pattern for beginner crocheters or anyone looking for a small project to create quickly.

9 perfect summer crochet patterns to keep your kids occupied and entertained this summer. Top 9 free summer crochet patterns.

3. Water Bottle Holder

Being hands-free is essential when you have small kids.

The summer heat is amazing but we have to stay hydrated. This water bottle holder pattern from Crochet Dreamz is a summer must-have! And if you’re like me with a kid old enough to carry her own water bottle, it’s great for her too! This is a fun way to start teaching kids the importance of staying hydrated and giving them a little independence with a crochet water holder of their very own.

If you can make a double crochet stitch you can crochet this water bottle holder!

You could also create these and hang your kids water bottles on a fence or hook so they’re not sitting on the ground!

4. Pocket Full of Sunshine Bag


So. Cute. Absolutely *perfect perfect perfect* for summer. I love the texture and movement this pattern gives the bag. It looks small enough to be an excellent accessory but big enough to hold the essentials. I can even see this being cute for mommy ‘n’ me matching.

5. Sunglasses Strap

This pattern from Homemade @ My Place is an oldie, but a goodie. It’s so helpful to have a sunglass strap for those bright summer days!

And as a bonus, these could even be marketed as eyeglass straps! Perfect for any glasses, but especially for reading glasses while on long road trips.

They’re giving me friendship bracelet flashbacks!

6. Popsicle Holder

Little hands get cold quickly when holding popsicles. If I had a dime for every time I heard some variation of, “Mommy, it’s too cold!!” I would definitely be richer. I would end up taking a paper towel, folding it several times, and creating a makeshift popsicle holder.

This idea is much cuter and much better for the planet! Boost your kid’s summer experience with a fun Unicorn Ice Pop Holder from Blackstone Designs! They’re adorable, reusable, and functional. Isn’t that all we want in life?!

She’s also got a Monster version here!

7. Striped Mini Backpack

I think this Striped Mini Backpack from A Crocheted Simplicity is just beautiful. It would be such a great bag for kids going on day-adventures with friends!

It is made with worsted weight cotton yarn and uses slip stitch and single crochet stitches.

I’m thinking something like an amusement park or county fair… put a water bottle, sunscreen, money, and sunglasses in there and you’re good to go! It’s so pretty, anyone would LOVE showing it off!

Then when fall rolls back around they could put their back-to-school necessities in there like a pencil case (or pencil pouch depending on where you’re from), a calculator, and snacks!

8. Beach Bag

Check out this gorgeous beach bag pattern from Craft Passion.

The shell stitch is to die for!!!

The bag works up to be a great size for holding all your beachy accessories and that open stitch will allow any sand to just shake right out. Make it in a color your ideal customer will love and you’re sure to get some sales!

Something about a festive bag also boosts my self-esteem!

9. Tic Tac Toe

I think this travel Tic Tac Toe game from Nicki’s Homemade Crafts is so much fun! The board doubles as the carrying case, which is so clever, and the magnetic pieces are a creative solution for playing while on long car rides. Any kid would love this!

I love patterns like this because you don’t need to reach a particular gauge since it doesn’t have to “fit”.

How fun would it be to make this with chunky yarn and a bigger mm hook size?! Then you’d have a jumbo tic tac toe board!

Games like these are great for helping kids with their fine motor skills. Even if they’re too little to actually play tic tac toe, they would still have fun putting on and taking off the pieces. For older kids, you can use this game to freshen up their math skills before going back to school in the fall. I think there’s a probability lesson in there somewhere.

And alas, our roundup is over. Summer has just started though, so I hope you found this roundup inspiring and it helps you make some steady sales this season! Tag me on Instagram @acraftyconcept to show me what you made. I love sharing beautiful crochet!

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If crochet is your creative outlet and you want more free crochet patterns to teach you the fundamentals of crochet or even a new skill, be sure to check out the crochet pattern freebie library!

We’ve got so many designs including granny squares, a dinosaur backpack, and owl puppet, simple headband designs, and more!

Happy Crocheting!
❤️ Ashley

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