How To Make A Crochet Boho Baby Bib – Free Pattern

Follow this free crochet pattern and learn how to make this trendy, crochet boho baby bib. It’s perfect for selling in your Etsy shop or gifting to mamas to be.

The Bitty Boho Bib is a fun and trendy design. The fringe trim and the texture created by the bobble stitch give it an adorable baby bohemian flare. The Bitty Boho Bib adds style to baby’s outfit while being practical and functional at the same time.

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Finished crochet boho baby bib dimensions: Body is about 5.5” tall and 7” wide. Strap is about 5” and the circumference of the neck is about 11.5

– G (4mm) size crochet hook
– Tapestry Needle
– Scissors
– Button (mine is about half an inch in diameter)
– Thread for sewing on the button
–  Approximately 2-3oz of cotton yarn.

I used 100% cotton yarn from Hobby Lobby’s I Love This cotton in the color Pewter.

Dishie Cotton yarn from WeCrochet is a great alternative yarn for this project! The bib turns out a tiny bit smaller but its actually a great size for baby bibs! 

*I have linked most of the supplies I used in the materials section above.


Stitch Key (US Terms)
SC = Single Crochet
CH = Chain
YO= Yarn Over
INC= Increase (Put two stitches in the same space. (In this case, it will be two SC stitches.)
SL ST= Slip Stitch
FSC= Foundation Single Crochet
*= To Be Repeated

Bobble: YO, Insert hook into stitch and pull up a loop, YO and pull through 2 loops on your hook Repeat 3 more times. Now you should have 5 loops on your hook. YO and pull through all 5 loops on your hook.

Back Bump: This is where you flip your starting chain over and insert your hook into the “back bump” of the chain and place your stitch there. If you are unfamiliar with this technique I would suggest watching this tutorial below by Fiber Flux on YouTube . You do not have to use this technique, you can just single crochet as you normally would, but I feel like the back bump technique is cleaner.

Bitty Boho Bib

Make a slip knot and CH 8.

Row 1: Skip the chain closest to your hook and SC 6 in the “back bump” of the chain. SC 6 in the last chain then SC 6 back down the other side of the starting chain. CH 1, turn. (18)
TIP: If you do not know how to crochet into the back bump of a chain please refer to this YouTube tutorial.

Row 2: SC 6, INC in the next 6 stitches, SC 6. CH 1, turn. (24)

Row 3: SC 1, BOBBLE * 11 times, SC in last two stitches. CH1, turn. ( 24)

TIP: You do not chain after you complete the BOBBLE stitch, you just go directly into the SC.

Row 4: INC, SC 5, * INC, SC 1 * 6 times. SC 5, INC. CH 1, turn. (32)

Row 5: SC 32. CH 1, turn (32)

Row 6: INC, SC 6, * SC 2, INC * 6 times. SC 6, INC. CH 1, turn. (40)

Row 7: SC 2, * BOBBLE, SC 1 * 19 times, CH 1, turn. (40)

Row 8: INC, SC 7, * INC, SC 3 * 6 times, SC 7, INC. CH 1, turn. (48)

Row 9: SC 48. CH 1, turn (48)

Row 10: SC 9, * SC 4, INC * 6 times. SC 9. CH 1, turn. (54)

Row 11: * SC 1, BOBBLE* 26 times, SC in last two stitches. CH1, turn. (54)

Row 12: INC, SC 8, * INC, SC 5 * 6 times, SC 8, INC. Do not CH. (62)

SC 24 across the top of the crochet boho baby bib, putting the first SC in the same stitch as last INC stitches from Row 12 (creating 3 stitches total in that corner) , and the 24th SC in the top of the first stitch from row 12.

SC 63 around the body of the bib, putting the first 2 SC in the same stitch as the 24th SC you just finished (making that corner have 3 SC in it as well).


FSC 23
– Insert your hook into the same stitch as the last SC you just made, pull up a loop, YO , pull through one loop (this is where we will insert our hook for the
next SC), YO, pull through 2. That was 1 FSC.

-Insert hook into the space we made in the previous FSC. YO, Pull through one (this is where we will insert our hook for the next SC), YO pull through 2.
That was the 2nd FSC. Keep going until you get 22 FSC stitches.

If you want to adjust your strap length you can do that here by adding or taking away FSC stitches.

After your 23rd FSC stitch, CH 5, then join back into the body of the last FSC stitch (where you would insert your hook if you were going to continue your FSC)

Tie off. Sew in your loose ends.


Attach your button on the left side of the bib. My button is just over a half-inch in diameter. If you want to make your bib more adjustable you could add another button, but that is optional.

You could stop here if you want your Bitty Boho Bib to have a cute, simple look. If you want to channel some serious bohemian vibes, continue with the next step!


Find something to use as your fringe template. I use the short width of this fancy Skittles box. This will just make the cutting process much faster and your fringe will be more uniform. You can use a piece of cardboard, a book, a DVD case, really anything will work. My fringe ends up being about 7” long.

Hold on to the end of your yarn at the top of your template, then wrap your yarn around a few times. Cut your working yarn, then cut the yarn across the top of your template. Repeat as needed.

Grab a strand of yarn and fold it in half.

Go from the back of your bib and Insert you hook into a SC stitch along the bottom row of the bib. Grab the folded strand of yarn and pull through.

Now stick your fingers under the loop that was just created, grab the strand of yarn, and pull through the loop.

Repeat until you have your desired amount of fringe.
TIP: I like to put 2 strands of yarn in every SC across the bottom of my bib.

TADA!! Now you have a super stylish, and functional crochet boho baby bib!! I love the finished look of these cuties!

Bitty Boho Bibs would make perfect baby gifts for someone in your life that’s expecting, for a little one’s birthday, Christmas present, V day present or to put in their Easter basket. It would also be super cute paired with a Bitty Boho Bag to match! The possibilities are endless!

Follow this free crochet pattern and learn how to make this trendy, crochet boho baby bib. It's perfect for selling in your Etsy shop or gifting to mamas to be.

Thanks so much for hanging out with me today! If you loved this pattern be sure to share it so your fellow yarn addicts can make one for their bitty boho babes too!

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Happy crocheting

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  1. Sue Williams says:

    This would be so much better as a bag. In fact I shall crochet two of them, sew together and add a strao! It’s far too bulky as a bib which will need washing after every use!

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