How To Optimize Your Etsy Shop For Success During Summer

Learn how to optimize your Etsy shop by finding out what is trending on for July 2020 and how you can sell your crochet products this month!

Learn how to optimize your Etsy shop by finding out what is trending on for July 2020 and how you can sell your crochet products this month!

Hello my beautiful crocheters!

It is finally July and I’m excited to give a tour of a new resource I’ve created to help you optimize your Etsy Listings this month!

I am an Etsy seller, but I am also an Etsy affiliate which means that I am able to receive commissions if someone buys a product through an Etsy link I share.

Every month we get emails from the Etsy affiliate team detailing what is currently trendy.

I thought it would be great to create a resource showing y’all how to connect these trends to your own crochet products so you know what to promote in your Etsy shops for July 2020!

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Learn how to optimize your Etsy shop by finding out what is trending on for July 2020 and how you can sell your crochet products this month!

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On the chart above, you can see there are key categories, key themes, and key terms. The key terms are what Etsy shoppers will be searching for right now in July!

For example, in category one, the key terms masks and mask filter and face mask washable are what people are searching for! These are clearly connected to the current 2020 Covid-19 pandemic which is why these would be trending for July.

Themes under Seasonal Refresh include home decor, clothing accessories, everyday essentials and masks.

Crochet ideas for Seasonal Refresh could be the Crafty Cactus Pillow, Crafty Boho Pillow, Pineapple Pillow, Crafty Watermelon Pillow, Crafty Lemon-Peel-O, Faux Plants, or Planter Baskets.

For the second key category of Home Inspiration, key themes would include home improvement, DIY, crafts and supplies, organization and storage and work from home accessories.

Organization and storage makes me think of crochet baskets!

If you sell crochet baskets, look at these key themes and think how you can organize your listings to optimize them based on home improvement, DIY, or craft supplies.

Hanging plant holders, nesting baskets, pen holder baskets and chair cushions all come to my mind as great crochet items to add to your shop.

Maybe you have a set of 3 baskets that can be used for markers, pens, and color pencils. Or, you may make baskets with different heights for desk supplies such as tiny paper clips, pencils of a small plant.

Simply Made By Erin

If you’re marketing your baskets to hold craft supplies, use the key term craft supplies! Using the key terms in your listings helps you get found as these key themes are trending!

Category 3 features Outdoor Activities and includes key themes backyard games, outdoor decor, gardening, lawn games and lawn decor.

Crochet ideas for outdoor activities could include reuseable water balloons, planter baskets and plant hangers.

Category 4 is Gifting, and I LOVE coming up with different crocheted gifting ideas!

Key themes include thinking of you cards, birthday, baby and bridal shower, wedding gifts, pet gifts and greeting cards.

For your shop, you can offer gift sets of reusable water balloons, dog bandannas, crafty loop earrings, crafty facial rounds and baby items like the bitty boho bib, rainbow rattle and the boho flower wall hanger!

You could use the key terms thinking of you, best friend gifts and just because gifts with the crafty facial rounds! Or, use key terms cat home for this cat bed!

Sensory Joy Co came up with this brilliant marketing idea for bubble bugs in her Etsy Shop!

The fourth and last category is Self Care and includes key themes of bath and beauty, personal care, skincare, candles fitness items and relaxation items.

For your Etsy shop, you could offer crafty facial rounds, candle holder baskets, candle coasters (repurposed coffee mug rugs), essential oil diffuser amigurumi and crafty loop earrings.

I hope you all found this helpful! I love thinking of ways to market different crochet items based on what’s trendy and making those trends work for my fellow Etsy sellers!

I hope you can use this information to optimize Etsy to work FOR you.

If you have any ideas of crochet items you can make to fit these trends, please drop a comment below! Feel free to post links to free or paid crochet patterns you think would be helpful for someone else.

Happy Crocheting

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