The Ultimate Guide To Opening An Etsy Shop

Welcome to part 2 of the A Crafty Concept Etsy shop Mini-Series where you will learn how to start selling your crochet pieces on Etsy TODAY!

In this part of the series, I walk you through step by step how to get started opening an Etsy shop. We will talk about how to make your first listing, and how to set up shipping profiles to make shipping your Etsy orders a breeze!

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In part 1 of the series, I shared my Etsy journey, pros and cons of being an Etsy seller, how my shop went viral, and all of the things you need to open a shop on Etsy.

If you missed out or want a quick refresher on part 1, you can listen on YouTube or read the blog post.

All caught up and ready to party? Lets start building your Etsy shop!

This part of the series will include a step by step video tutorial of the opening of my new shop, Wild Grace.

I’ll be walking you through key steps including:

  • Setting up shop preferences.
  • Naming your shop.
  • Creating your first listing.
  • Billing and payment setup.

Thank you for watching! That completes part 2 of the Etsy-Mini Series!

Congrats on opening your brand new Etsy shop and starting a new venture within your business. I’m so honored to get to play a teensy tiny little role in your business journey.

Have fun creating listings, sections, and shipping profiles in your shops. I will catch you guys back here for part 3 where we will go over the not-so-sexy but still important aspects of opening up an Etsy shop, like writing our policies and giving our shops a little on brand face lift!

You can crochet your own Rainbow Baby Rattle as featured in the video tutorial here!

Happy crocheting!
❤️ Ashley

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