What Do I Send To the People On My Email List?

You now have people signed up for your email list, but what should you send them?

Welcome to the fourth and final part of my Email Mini-Series where I discuss all things relating to using an email list for your crochet business! 

Starting an email list for your crochet business can lead to great business success. But what do you send out to your email list folks?

If you missed part onepart two, and part three of the series, I discussed why I believe having an email strategy is crucial in having a successful crochet business, what email provider is best for beginners and how to get people to sign up for your email list. 

In this post, I am going to give you some ideas on what kind of content to actually send in your newsletter emails to your subscribers and how often you should be sending it.

Let’s get started with part 4!

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After I get them, what do I send them in the email?

You want to serve the living pants off of your people through email! Whenever you send an email, you want it to be something they are going to read and feel they benefited from.

Build relationships through email by serving them well.

Niche your emails down and think of how you can serve your ideal customer. You want your emails to resonate with all of your customers, not just half.

What specific type of person do you serve? Are your people crocheters? Do they buy finished pieces? That will help you to build a sturdy foundation for your business and give you clues on what to send through your email list.

If you’re considering starting your own blog, think of your email list as a mini little blog trial run. You can test your blog ideas as emails and save for future blog while getting feedback from your fans.

If you already have a blog, use your email list as a teaser to draw people to your newest blog posts to drive traffic.

You can create guides, lists, and how to’s to send without it being a lead magnet.

Say that you make baskets, you can provide a list or guide of “how to decorate home this fall with baskets,” “10 ways to decorate baskets in the summer months,” etc.

You can include the entire list or provide half as a teaser and link your blog post that contains the second half of the list.

This Father’s Day post is another example of a list you can send your email subscribers. You can promote your business by directing customers to your blog, Etsy shop, or Raverly while also serving them.

If you sell at festivals or markets, you can use your email list to advertise and ask your customers to come visit you and say “hi” at your booth!

Exclusive sales and coupon codes that are not posted on social media can be sent to your email subscribers. This helps your fans feel valued and valuable.

How often do I need to email them?

Consistency is key. Consistency doesn’t mean everyday, but whatever you choose, try to stick with that time frame.

If you send emails every day for a few weeks and then stop, your subscribers will get confused and wonder why you are not serving them the same way anymore.

With Mailchimp you can batch create your emails ahead of time and schedule for later send dates.

Whether you choose once a week, once a month, etc., keep with that pattern. Serve your people above all else. Email lists help build relationships for your business.

This concludes our 4 part mini-series all about email lists and why they
are important to your crochet business.

I hope this series has motivated you to start building an email list for your
crochet business, start talking to your ideal customer, and given you a flood of content ideas to send!

As promised, I have put together a free resource for 20 newsletter topics for crochet business owners. If you were already subscribed to my newsletter, you have already received this freebie. If you are not, you can subscribe below and the freebie will be sent to you automatically.

If you have not checked out the Etsy mini-series, you can start with part one in and see if creating an Etsy shop would be beneficial for your crochet business.

And for my last minute lucy’s who still haven’t taken action on creating an email list, what are you waiting for?! Its free, its simple and it will really help you take your business to the next level.

You can find my Mailchimp referral link here.

I have had a blast making this series for you and cant wait to hear all about how you have been using an email list to better serve your audience.


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