Who is the Best Email Provider for Beginners?

You’ve decided an email list is essential to your crochet business but who is the best email provider for beginners?

Having a strong email list is essential to having a successful online business, but where do you start? What's the best email provider for beginners?

Welcome to part 2 my new Email Mini-Series where I discuss all things relating to using an email list for your crochet business! 

If you missed part one of the series, I discussed why I believe having an email strategy is crucial in having a successful crochet business or any business. 

For part 2, I am going to talk about the email provider I use for my business including all the things I like and some of the things that aren’t my favorite. 

If you prefer to listen to the YouTube video that corresponds to this blog post, you can give this short video a listen.

What platform to use to make your own email list?

There are several different email services out there but I use Mailchimp. Mailchimp is beginner-friendly, free up to 2000 subscribers and allows me to create everything I need for A Crafty Concept.

Even if you don’t have a blog, Mailchimp is still the best way to connect with your customers! If you remember from part 1, I talked about not putting all your eggs in the social media basket. You can easily use Mailchimp to connect with your customers.

Mailchimp offers unlimited landing pages which I use for the freebies and resources that you will find throughout my blog posts. If a reader wants the freebie, they can sign up for my email list and receive it!

Segment lists are another feature available that I haven’t dived into completely. But, it allows you to divide your email list into smaller groups to target them specifically.

Mailchimp has their own app where you can track email open rates, subscribers, clicks, etc.

You can view statistics of how your emails are performing and see who unsubscribed and why. The truth is, they just may not be your ideal customer and that’s okay!

If subscribers aren’t opening your emails, it’s only hurting you. Every 3 months, I clean out subscribers who have’t opened any emails so my emails aren’t marked as spam.

Their support team is also free and very helpful. I once sent out an email for Wrap Label Wednesday with the wrong file link and support was able to swap out the file without having to resend the entire email!

The one thing I do not like about Mailchimp is that if someone is already subscribed to my email list, they will not be able to receive the freebies they see in future blog posts that are connected to the landing pages I create for those freebies. The subscriber will have to message me directly and ask for it and then I have to manually send it to them.

That’s the only limitation I have found with Mailchimp that I have trouble with. Otherwise, Mailchimp has my seal of approval and is a great email provider for beginners.

Well ya’ll, that’s it for part 2! Now you know all about Mailchimp and how I utilize it for my business. 

If Mailchimp sounds like something you would like to try today, you can use this referral link to get started!

Be sure to check out part 3 where I discuss how to get subscribers for your email list once you have one and part 4 where I will be giving
you lots of ideas for what to send to your email list after building it!


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