11 Way Cool Free Crochet Patterns for Father’s Day Gifts

Struggling to decide what to crochet for Father’s Day? Make the perfect Dad-gift this year with these 11 amazing free crochet Father’s Day patterns.

There is no place higher than on daddy’s shoulders.


Dads are among the most deserving of our gifts and yet some of the hardest people to buy gifts for.

Fact of life: Men are hard to buy for. Period. End of story. Now they say, women are difficult, but I mean, seriously, give me a Starbucks, or buy me a lobster dinner, and I’m content. Men don’t want anything unless it costs a small fortune (a new gun, a new boat, the list could go on…)

Hey there! Sarah from A Plush Pineapple here to bring you another fun round-up, and this time, it is chock full of cool Crochet Father’s day patterns that would be perfect for the dads in your life.

11 FREE crochet Father's Day patterns to make dad this Father's Day!

Since men can be so hard to buy for, going handmade is always a win because they will appreciate the fact that you took the time to make something for them with your own two hands.

This post is sure to inspire you to create from the heart this Father’s Day season. Give him a gift that is not measured in cost but measured in the amount of time you were willing to dedicate to a handmade gift specifically with him in mind. There is only one thing more precious than our time and that is…

…who we spend it on.

Men’s Classic Crochet Beanie

When crocheting gifts for men, the simpler the better, and this Men’s Classic Crochet Beanie by Rich Textures Crochet is just perfect. Simple stitches in a classic neutral is definitely the way to go. If your man is anything like my husband, then he is super picky, but I know that my husband would totally approve of this beanie!

Simple Crochet Treat Basket

Maybe you are thinking, “I’m not going to CROCHET a gift for a man. That is crazy talk!” Well, hold up, because I have got you covered! Buy him his favorite snacks or socks or the ever-popular men’s gift, underwear, and then crochet this awesome gift basket to put it in! Bam! Handmade love and the gifts that he loves all wrapped up together!

Bernard Hounds-tooth Scarf

Now this scarf is a must-have for any man! I can totally see my husband walking around Chicago on a date with me with this scarf around his neck. It just has that big-city-rich-guy look does it not? Alexandra Tavel of Two of Wands as we all know is something of a design genius, and this scarf pattern does not disappoint!

Crafty Boho Slippers

When in doubt, make him slippers. Every man enjoys coming home from a long day at work to his cozy warm slippers waiting by the door so he can relax and chill for the evening. These Crafty Boho Slippers by Ashley here at a Crafty Concept are the perfect Crochet Fathers day pattern! They are made with blanket yarn so they are super soft, cozy, and squishy!

Farmhemian Coasters

These Farmhemian Coasters designed by Rachel of Cozy Nooks Designs are the perfect accent gift for a gift basket for Dad! I’m thinking they would be perfect along with a new coffee mug and gift card or a new Keurig! They are the perfect gift for sprucing up his office desk or man cave!

Basic Men’s Mittens

These Basic Men’s Mittens by Love. Life. Yarn. are perfect for keeping hands warm in the winter months! I’m thinking they would be great to keep in the car when the windshield needs scraped because we all know that flying ice is the WORST! These would make an excellent gift for Dad’s Day!

Crochet Mustache Slipper Socks

11 FREE crochet Father's Day patterns to make dad this Father's Day!

Ok, wait what? Mustache socks? How cute are these! These crochet mustache socks by Sarah of Repeat Crafter Me are the perfect novelty gift for that mustache-sporting man in your life! Cozy, warm, and mustache-y is as good as it gets!

Tri-fold One-hour Cowl

Ok, this cowl is just cool. That is the first word that comes to my mind. This One-hour Tri-fold Cowl is by Knot Bad, and it is super trendy! The bonus here is that it uses chunky yarn so along with being cozy, it works up so fast! Did you catch the name? It can be done in one hour! Perfect for a last-minute gift!

Easy Ridged Bottle Cozy

11 FREE crochet Father's Day patterns to make dad this Father's Day!

This beverage cozy by Crafting for Weeks is another great last-minute gift! It uses Bernat Home Dec yarn, so it is super comfy to hold and works up quickly! I can even see these being made in favorite sports team logos!

Cozy Couch and Bedside Organizer Caddy

Here is another genius crochet gift idea, and this time it is from Tamara at Moogly. I do not know about y’all, but the remote is perpetually missing at my house. Anyone else out there feel me? This organizer caddy is perfect for keeping that remote handy along with glasses and other items that he likes to have handy when watching TV.

Bramble Fingerless Mitts

11 FREE crochet Father's Day patterns to make dad this Father's Day!

Any ice fisherman out there? I feel like these Bramble Fingerless Gloves by Tahryn at Burgundy and Blush would be perfect for fishing in the cold. They keep hands warm while leaving the fingers free for baiting a hook or reeling in that record-breaking pike!

That is it! I hope that you enjoyed this crochet Father’s Day patterns roundup! If you make any of these projects, be sure to tag the designer on social media and give them a follow if you are not already! May all the dads in your life have a wonderful Father’s Day receiving a gift that is handmade with love!

You can find the links for all of these pattern roundups in one place on my blog! If you need a pattern for any season of the year, this is your one-stop shop to find your next project!

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