How To Stand Out On Etsy in an Oversaturated Market

How in the world are crocheters supposed to stand out on Etsy when there are thousands of crochet Etsy shop? I have a secret!

I recently just finished the A Crafty Concept Etsy Shop Mini-Series detailing how to open your own shop to start selling your crochet pieces on Etsy TODAY. I also discussed some of the different things you can do to set your shop up for success.

How in the world are crocheters supposed to stand out on Etsy when there are thousands of crochet Etsy shop? I have a secret!

If you missed the series, you can find it here on my blog.

Part 1 – Is Opening An Etsy Shop Really Worth It?
Part 2 – The Ultimate Guide to Opening an Etsy Shop
Part 3 – How to Set Your Etsy Shop Up For Success

If you’re thinking of opening an Etsy shop, there’s no time like the present!

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Even with the conclusion of the mini-series, I still have so many Etsy tips to give! And I want to help answer all of your burning questions so you can truly have the best Etsy selling experience.

A question I get asked a lot is “How do I stand out on Etsy when there’s a million different crochet shops already on there?⁣”

I see this question (and similar ones) floating around our community and I have a thought exercise for you! ⁣

What if instead of thinking “how can I stand out” you start thinking “how can I draw my ideal customer in?”

There are two ways to have a successful Etsy shop⁣.

1. You list a million different things to attract a million different people with a million different tags. This works because of the numbers. The more listings you have the better chances someone will search for something you’re selling and buy your product. ⁣

This could set you up to have a successful ETSY SHOP, but not do much for your business or brand. ⁣

This is not my approach to being an Etsy shop owner. ⁣

2. You USE Etsy, to attract your ideal customer to your brand and business. Let Etsy be a gateway and set your shop up in a way that pulls your ideal customer in like a magnet. ⁣

Niche down, create a product line where each product you offer can benefit one person’s life some how, and serve the pants off that one person. ⁣

“How can I stand out on Etsy ” sets your focus on the shops around you. What are they doing? How can I do that better? Oh I should do what they’re doing! ⁣

This can quickly turn into an unhealthy state of mind. This is how the comparing game gets started and where you can slip into caring so much about those around you, you forget to care about YOUR shop and YOUR customers.⁣

Put on those blinders, focus on your person, and build a business around what she would want and what you like! ⁣

You are a unique human being, and you will attract other unique human beings. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, or how many people are selling the exact same thing. The way you approach being an Etsy seller, the experience you create for your customers, your eye behind the camera lense, all of these aspects will make your shop unique to you.

If you can find your ideal customer and focus your shop on them, it will change everything for your business ❤️.

For tips on how to build a brand for your crochet business, check out my Branding 101 freebie!

Need help building your brand? Checkout this free resource!

I wish nothing but Etsy success for you and your crochet business!

❤️ Ashley

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  2. Rachel Farmer says:

    Speaking of standing out on Etsy… I got an email today that says I am automatically signed up for Offsite Ads and I only pay 15% fee if I make a sale on a click through. My shop is brand new and doesn’t have any ratings yet, so I doubt I would be featured any time soon anyway, but 15% sounds like a lot. I understand they are paying for the advertisements up front and I would just be paying when it brought me business… it just still sounds like a lot.

    Do you have feelings/suggestions about opting out of the Offsite Ads?

    Thank you!

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