5 Ways to Use “Handmade with Love” Wrap Labels

If you are subscribed to The Crafty Newsletter you have probably seen all the Wrap Label Wednesday emails I send out each week. Every Wednesday I send a new sheet of “Handmade with Love” wrap labels for you guys to use on your handmade gifts and products. I always use my wrap labels on my messy bun beanies, but you can use wrap labels on so much more than just beanies! In this post, I’m going to show you 5 ways you can use wrap labels that you may not have thought about yet.

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Mason Jar Gifts

Have you ever made a cute mason jar gift? I’ve seen everything from sugar scrubs to recipe jars all packaged in mason jars for a rustic yet practical gift set.  “Handmade with Love” wrap labels look great on lots of different jar sizes. I have these pint-size mason jars, they are 10.5″ in circumference. For this size mason jar, I would use the horizontal wrap labels. Mason jars come in so many different sizes and you could easily use the vertical wrap labels on the smaller jars. Mason jars are a great way to package all kinds of different gifts or products. Just be mindful that if you are shipping these, to use lots of bubble wrap and fragile stickers to protect them in the mail. Here is a list of fun ways to use mason jars as a packaging/gift option.
Crafty Facial Rounds
A jar full of Crochet Donut Keychains
Smores in a jar
Cocktail Jars
– Crochet Lovers Jar- You could put a small skein of yarn, like Lily Sugar and Cream yarn and a small crochet hook and a handful of stitch markers, that would be an adorable gift for any crochet lover! The list goes on and on! If you just search Pinterest for “mason jar gifts” you will see a ton of amazing ideas!

Tiny Products

Maybe you make something that’s really small, like keychains,  and think the wrap labels are too big for your product. You still have a couple of different options. You could wrap your product in tissue paper then wrap the label around that, or you could put your tiny product in a box and put your wrap label around the box.

Origami cardstock boxes

You can make your own gift boxes out of cardstock and adhere your wrap label to the outside of the box instead of around the actual product. You could get real fancy and add some crinkle cut paper to your box for a more finished look.  These boxes are perfect for bitty boho bags, crochet crop tops, bitty boho bibs, and anything else that’s kinda small and dainty.  Here is an example of a “Handmade with Love” wrap label around a bitty boho box, a rectangle box, and a square box (this box is my favorite).

These boxes are perfect for holding a set of Crafty Facial Rounds, and they’re pretty durable too!

I have used all three of these box designs in my packaging before! The bitty boho box also holds a southern style bow, pattern by Southern Day Crochet, perfectly too. I think they add a nice touch to your packaging, and the paper options are endless!

Hand Dyed Yarn

If you are a yarn dyer you could totally wrap your beautiful hand-dyed skeins of yarn with an “on brand” wrap label!


If you sell custom t-shirts or make them for gifts, wrap labels fit around them perfectly! Tri-fold your shirt, then start rolling from one end and when you have a nice little t-shirt burrito you can wrap and tape a “Handmade with Love” wrap label around it! Here’s a picture of me wearing the shirt before it was rolled up, it’s a size M.

I hope this post gave you guys some wrap label inspo! Sometimes it can be hard to think outside the box when you have always seen things a certain way. I post pics of my beanies wrapped in wrap labels all time and if you don’t make beanies you might think “oh these aren’t for me”.

A sheet of computer paper is 8.5″ x  11″ so if you have a product and you want to know if a wrap label will fit before you print them off, just cut a strip off a piece of computer paper (either vertical or horizontal) and measure that around your thing.

If you subscribe to The Crafty Newsletter, you will get a free sheet of wrap labels in your inbox every Wednesday for Wrap Label Wednesday. But, if you’re not subscribed yet and you need a little taste of the wrap label goodness before making a newsletter commitment, here is a free sheet just for you!

Watermelon wrap labels

Thanks so much for hanging out with me today! I would love to hear how you use “Handmade with Love” wrap labels in your packaging, comment on this post and let me know! Be sure to check out this post on how to save a ton of money on printing at Office Depot if you want to get your wrap labels professionally printed, instead of using up all your ink on your personal printer, for only TWENTY FIVE CENTS a full color cardstock sheet!

❤️ Ashley

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