How To Crochet An Easy Donut Keychain-Free Pattern

I am a sucker for puns, anything with donuts on it, and gift givin’! So I wanted to create something that took those three things and combined them all into one!

I have designed some Punny Donut Cards and my variation of a tiny crochet donut pattern. When you put the two together you have a sweet, thoughtful gift, that works up really fast and uses very little materials!

These donut keychains are perfect for all ages! The little ones (3 and up) can use them as play food (you could leave off the keychain part for them).

School-age kids can attach them to their backpacks or lunch boxes and everyone else can use them on their keys! I love the idea that every time they look down and see their handmade donut keychain they will remember how much they are loved or cared for.

And of course people who are old enough to drive can put them on their car keys!

Ok enough chit chat, let’s get to the pattern!

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Donut Keychain Pattern

What you’ll need
Size F crochet hook (Mine is a Susan Bates hook By Harper Baby Shop on Etsy)
Top donut color yarn
Bottom donut color yarn
Chunky yarn for filling
Scrap yarn colors for sprinkles
Some sort of Keychain
Tapestry Needle
Stitch Marker (or scrap yarn)


????Before you start????
This pattern is made in the round

Stitches (US Terms)
CH- Chain
SS- Slip Stitch
SC- Single Crochet
INC -Increase (in this case it will be a single crochet increase)
*-To be repeated

Donut Bottom
CH 12
Join back into your first CH, creating a circle, SC 12 (12)
Place a stitch marker in the 12th stitch so you know where the row ends.

*INC, SC, SC* around (16)

SC 16 around (16)

SC 16 around (16)

SS back into the same stitch you made your 16th SC into, tie off. Sew in tail.

With your good side facing out, Insert your hook back into the bottom piece of your donut that you just created (near the first CH you made was) Join your top color and CH 1.

Donut Top
SC 12 around (12)

*INC, SC, SC* around (16)

SC 16 around (16)

SC 16 around (16)

SS back into the same stitch you made your 16th SC into, leaving a long tail for sewing the two donut pieces together, tie off.

Flip your work wrong side out and sew in all your ends except for the long tail you just left with your top color.

Now its time to add the sprinkles (optional)

Thread your sprinkle yarn color onto your tapestry needle. Insert your needle near the center of the top donut piece, and pull it through to the front (leaving a tail for knotting). Go back into the body of the donut top, just slightly away from where you poked your needle through the first time, creating your first sprinkle. Repeat all over the top of your donut until you have your desired number of sprinkles. You can also do multiple colors if you choose! Secure the ends of your sprinkles either by knotting them together and cutting them, or weaving them into the stitches.

“Stuff” and Close
Wrap your chunky yarn around the center of your donut about 10-11 times.

Thread your long tail onto a tapestry needle, shape the top and bottom pieces to create a donut (while keeping the chunky yarn squished) and whip stitch the top and bottom pieces together.

Tie off and sew in your last tail.

Add the keychain of your choice. I like using ball chain keychains. If you didn’t want to use your donut as a keychain you could stitch on a brooch pin or even glue on a magnet! 

You can download the free  Punny Donut Cards printable here. I had my printed at Office Depot in full color on 110lb cardstock.  I used a corner round punch, I got from Michaels, to round off the corners.

Line up your keychain on your card so you know where your holes need to be, poke a hole (or two) for your keychain to go through and voila! A super cute, punny and thoughtful gift!

I really hope you guys enjoyed this pattern!

Think of all the ways you could use these mini donut keychains!

  • Sell them in your Etsy shops or at craft fairs (I bet they would do really well at craft fairs).
  • Give them to your kid’s teachers for teacher appreciation gifts,
  • Let your kids pass them out to their friends on the last day of school
  • Valentine’s day gifts,
  • Easter basket filler
  • “Great job for using the potty” treat

The options are endless!

If you make some mini donut keychains be sure to tag me @ACraftyConcept on social media so I can see!

I love seeing the different color combos you guys come up with. I like bright colors myself (duh) but neutrals would be super classy and chic!

Have a wonderful week and thank you so much for hanging out with me today!!

➰Happy Crocheting ➰
❤ Ashley

If you use the SPC number provided below you will get a huge discount at the Office Depot/Max printing department. Full-color cardstock prints are only 25 cents a sheet! 

Beautiful customer pic by @idreamofyarn on Instagram!

Click the pic below to download a free punny donut V day PDF!

20 thoughts on “How To Crochet An Easy Donut Keychain-Free Pattern

    • Ashley says:

      Absolutely sister!! I hope you sell a million!!! ???????????? all of my patterns are made with other business owners in mind and are always permitted to sell them! It would be such an honor if one of my designs became someone’s best seller in their shop!!

  1. Cheryl Taub says:

    Love this. Thank you so very much for the clear instructions and for your generosity. I am now becoming a subscriber. Best of luck.

      • Taiyaba says:

        Wow, absolutely fantastic. I love crochet, but I don’t have a whole load of time on my hands so this super quick and super easy pattern was ideal for me. I think your wrapping chunky yarn around the pieces, is spot on. Thank you for your pattern and your generosity. I have subscribed, hoping to receive more like these.

    • Lisa says:

      Okay so I made one… I am hooked! I now have five mini donuts made!!! I love these cute donuts so much. 💜 Thanks Ashley for sharing your fun pattern design with us🍩🤗

  2. L J says:

    These are adorable! I could see giving them for Teacher gifts(or similar) with a coffee/donut shop gift card. (And I love the crocheted bowl for your ball of yarn in the video, too) Thank you.

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