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If you have been following me for a while now, you may remember last year when I accidentally deleted a bunch of pictures and they deleted from the actual blog posts too. Total newbie blogger mistake lol. I have retaken a lot of the pictures and still have some to do (looking at you Crafty Pencil Pillow) but when I got my camera out the other day to start practicing my photography skills I saw the SD card had all the pictures still on it for my Origami Paper Box tutorial!!! I was so excited when I found the pictures because these little boxes would be PERFECT for gifting Crafty Facial Rounds in!

I have just copy and pasted this blog post from a year ago into a new post for you guys (including the pictures I thought I lost), I really hope you guys love it and enjoy using these little boxes in your packaging!

I know I talk about it a lot, but I just LOVE packaging! I love spending a little extra time on packaging each of my orders, so my customers can see how much I value their business and appreciate them for shopping small; If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t get to do what I love.

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Two Mother’s Days ago, I made some stress ball donuts that had “Mom” hand embroidered on them. I wanted to do something a little extra with the packaging since they were Mother’s Day gifts and moms are amazing (duh ????) So I found a great youtube tutorial on how to make these adorable origami boxes out of thick scrapbook paper (which I had a ton of because I’m a craft supplies hoarder)

Sometimes Michaels has a sale on scrapbook paper books and they are perfect for making these little origami boxes. I wanted to show you guys, step by step, how to make these adorable boxes so you could use them in your packaging as well! They also make super cute gift boxes ????

Here’s what you will need
2 sheets of 12″ x 12″ cardstock
A marker or pen
Ruler- Mine is a quilting ruler similar to this one

Pro tip: If you will be making a lot of these boxes or my other box tutorials, I would suggest getting a Scoring Board. They have the measurements already on it and straight lines for you to use for scoring/cutting, it makes making paper boxes so much faster and more accurate! I have a Martha Stewart brand scoring board and I love it, but here is a great one on Amazon too!

Step 1: Start with the sheet of cardstock you want to be the bottom of your box, and cut a 1/2 inch off the top and one side of the paper.

Now you should have two square sheets of paper, the bottom sheet being slightly smaller.

Step 2: Use your ruler, and find the center of both sheets of cardstock. Mark with your pen.

Step 3: Starting with your top sheet, fold each corner to the center point you just marked. You can run your marker/pen along your fold to make sure it’s really creased.

Step 4: Now fold the top and bottom sides to the center. Don’t forget to use your pen to make sure all the folds are creased well. This will make assembly easier later.

Step 5: Fold the right and left sides into the middle (just like you did the top and bottom sides)

Step 6: Open all your folds back up.

Step 7: Make four slits in your paper. I have marked mine with a pen so you can see where to make the slits.

Step 8: Fold two of the little triangles you created with your slits inward towards each other.

Step 9: Fold that side into the middle and make a good crease.

Step 10: Do the same thing to the corner directly across from the one you just folded.

(I had to temporarily tape mine down so I could clearly photograph what was being done. These sides do not have to stay folded into the center like that, you are just making a nice crease for when we assemble the box)

Step 11: Fold one of your side corners towards the middle, then fold in each side of the triangle you just created.

Step 12: Repeat for the last corner.

Step 13: Raise the last two sides you just folded and set them up.

Step 14: Now fold the two remaining sides up and over the flaps created by the raised sides.

Step 15: After you fold in the last two sides, put a piece of tape in the center just to hold everything in place.

Repeat steps 3-15 for the bottom piece of your box.

Now you have both your top and bottom pieces of your box! Just slip the top piece over the bottom and TADA!!! How cute is that?!?!?

I love how durable these boxes are! They are perfect for packaging orders or adding some extra flair to gifts. You can make different size boxes by starting with different size paper! As long as you have 2 square sheets of paper with one being a little smaller than the other you will be good to go!

I hope you guys love this tutorial and enjoy making these cute little packaging boxes. I would love to see pictures of your finished boxes! Tag me on social media @ACraftyConcept so I can see the different box sizes and paper combos you guys come up with; yall are so creative! Every time you guys tag me in pics you have made using my tutorials it MAKES MY DAY. I love you guys!!!

✂Happy box making ✂


There are lots of youtube videos about making origami boxes, here is the link to the video I watched ☺

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