Diy Rectangle Cardstock Gift Box

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With Christmas right around the corner, makers everywhere are already starting to feel the holiday hustle! Yes I know we still have Halloween and Thanksgiving but I’m a pre-planner 😉 These little gift boxes are super simple to make, but make a dramatic statement!! They’re perfect for those makers, like me, who run online shops and want to add a little extra pizzazz to their packaging, or just makers who like to make gifts for their friends and loved ones!! Honestly, even if you go the “bought gift” rout instead of the handmade gift, these boxes are still a cute way to package!

Tip for my fellow crocheters… these boxes are the perfect size for rolled Claire Bun Beanies 😉

Here’s what you will need
– 12″ x 12″ sheet of quality cardstock (not the super flimsy stuff)
– Scissors
– Tape
– Ruler/straight edge
Score tool (I use a large, dull tapestry needle ????)
– Something to write with (optional)

Let’s get started! Oh and fyi if you are a visual learner, I created a youtube video showing how to make this box as well… only difference is I use a scoreboard instead of scoring by hand like in THIS blog tutorial.

First you want to cut an inch off one of the sides of  your paper. Now you will have a 12″ x 11″ sheet.

With your paper wrong side up, score your paper and 1.5″ in from all 4 sides around. I will mark my score lines with a marker so you can clearly see where they are. This step is not necessary for making the boxes. 

For those of you who may not work with paper crafts very often, scoring is just making a line in the paper so it will fold easier. Here is a good video showing you how to score a paper without the “proper” scoring tools. I just use my cardstock pad as my surface, because it has some give to it, a ruler, and my large, dull tapestry needle to score my paper.


Along the 12″ side of your paper, Score again at the 5 1/4 inch and 6 3/4 inch marks.

Crease your paper on all the score lines. If your cardstock is super thick you can use your writing tool as a bone folder to help make your creases. 

Cut slits along all the 1.5″ lines down the 12″ side of your paper. (4 on each side)

Now it’s time to start folding. All the 1.5″ slits we just made created the tabs we will use to fold and shape the box.

Take one of the tabs and on the outer edge of your paper and fold it up towards the inside of your box, bring the side panel up from the bottom to meet the tab. Secure with tape. Also put a piece of tape around the outside corner you just created to make your box extra secure.

Repeat with the tab directly across from the one you just secured.

The front of your box is created.

Continue doing the same thing with all the tabs around until your box is completely folded.

TADA !! Now you have an adorable, handmade box perfect for packaging or gifting! Feel free to get your creative juices flowing and embellish your box to best represent your business or your personality ☺

The dimensions of your finished box should be 8″ x 3.75″ x 1.5″

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and can’t wait to start seeing all your beautiful gift boxes!! I am obsessed with all the different types of cardstock options available! If you make any boxes using this tutorial and post them on social media  please tag me @acraftyconcept so I can see your creation!! Seriously, when yall post pics of stuff you make from this blog, it makes my day and encourages me to make more blog posts ????

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