Bitty Boho Box Tutorial

Bitty Boho Box- The perfect way to package your Bitty Boho Bags! 

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As a creative business owner, I love packaging, and I know I’m not the only one.???? To me, packaging is a very important part of running any small business; not just as an owner but as a consumer as well. It’s always nice when a business takes a few extra steps to make you feel special and well treated.  I think these Bitty Boho Boxes are the perfect way to let our customers know how special they are to us! They’re super simple to make, don’t take too much time and use very little supplies.

Here’s what you will need
12×12 quality cardstock (thick cardstock is better. If it’s too thin your box will be flimsy)
Bone Folder (or something to use to crease your paper folds, I use a sharpie)
Score Tool ( I use a dull tapestry needle, if you have a bone folder you can use it as your score tool as well)
Scotch Tape
Embellishments (optional)

Take your sheet of 12×12 cardstock and cut it down so it’s 12×7.5

Next you are going to score your paper to make the folds easier and cleaner. Starting from the left side (long ways) score at the 1”, 5 1/2”, 6 1/2” and 11” marks. ( I am marking them with a sharpie so you can see where to score.

To make the score marks, put your paper on a surface with a little give to it, like a cutting pat or your pack of card-stock. Now, run your scoring tool down the length of your ruler at each measurement from the list above. Make a few passes so your score lines are pretty deep.

Turn your paper so it’s tall instead of wide. We are going to score the two long ends now. Going in an inch on both sides, score the paper just like you did previously.

Fold your paper at all the score marks. Once you make a fold, run your bone folder (or sharpie) along the crease, making sure it completely folded.

TIP: If you want to do any sort of writing or drawing on the top of your box now would be the best time to do that, while your paper is still flat. I wrote “Bitty Boho Bag” so you could see the placement and the direction everything is facing. It will be on the top of our box. Please excuse my poor handwriting skills 🙂

Now cut little slits along the fold lines you have created. I have darkened them with the sharpie so you can see where to cut.

It’s time to fold the actual box!

Rip off a few pieces of scotch tape so you have the ready.

Put tape on the inside little tabs that were created when you cut your slits. Fold along the fold line and tape the tab to the side of the box. (this is the bottom of our box, not where we wrote “Bitty Boho Bag”)

Now tape and fold the front side of the bottom of the box.

Repeat one more time to fold the front of the top of the box and tap it into place.

I like to put tape around each corner just to give my box a cleaner look. You could always use washi tape or glue if you don’t like the look of the scotch tape.

After everything is taped up your box is complete!! Isn’t it cute? Now lets add some tissue paper and your Bitty Boho Bag.

Cut a square piece of tissue paper. Mine is about 10” by 10”. Lay your tissue paper into the bottom of your box, kinda in a diamond shape, and gently press it down into the corners and sides.

Now lay your Bitty Boho Bag, face down, fringe first. Arrange the strap nicely on top of the fringe. Now low your Bitty Boho Bag face up, on top of where you just laid the strap. Fold in your tissue paper corners, add a bit of washi tape for flare, and your Bitty Boho Bag is perfectly packaged and ready to go to its new home!!

As for embellishing, your options are ENDLESS! You could use stickers, stamps, rhinestones, ribbon, twine, glitter, probably anything you have labeled “crafts” in your house! I think it would be nice to have some pretty Handmade for You stickers or Handmade by “your business” stickers to put on the top! If you’re making this as a gift you could write your recipient’s name on top in really pretty lettering. ❤

I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with! Y’all are so creative! I know whatever you do, your bitty boho boxes will be beautiful and add a special touch to your Bitty Boho Bag orders! Be sure to tag me on social media @ACraftyConcept so I can see all your adorable Bitty Boho Boxes. If you liked this post and found it helpful comment and let me know! I love hearing from you guys and knowing that I’m helping y’all out… even if it’s just one of you ☺ You can also subscribe to my blog if you want to be notified when new posts go live 😀 I’ve got lots of good ideas in the works and COMING SOON ????

➰ Happy Crocheting ➰


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