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Mother’s Day is right around the corner and I wanted to wip up (like what I did there ????)  a quick project that would make a great Mother’s Day Gift. Inspired by my set of Face Halos, I wanted to create something that’s super soft on your face, works really well at cleaning your makeup off,  super simple to crochet, and most importantly, can be reused over and over again!

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After lots of trial and error, and product testing from a few of my makeup lovin’ friends, I am really happy with the finished design! My product testers said they LOVED their facial round! They were really impressed with how well it cleaned the makeup off their face, using only water!

In this post, I will show you how to crochet soft, plush, facial rounds and give you a couple examples on how you can package these cuties for gift givin’ or for selling in your Etsy shops!! I’m calling these little cuties “Crafty Facial Rounds”.

Crochet Facial Rounds
– 100% Polyester center with 100% cotton trim
– Removes most makeup with just water
– Washer and Dryer safe
– Reusable and eco-friendly

What you’ll need
Size K crochet hook- Mine is a Susan Bates hook by Harper Baby Shop on Etsy
Size H crochet hook- Mine is a Susan Bate hook by Hook Ewe on Etsy 
1 skein Bernat blanket yarn– I choose the color white for a spa-like feel. (ps it doesn’t matter if you use Bernat blanket yarn or Bernat baby blanket yarn, they’re the same thing.)
1 skein I love this cotton – I chose the color pewter. You could use a different brand of cotton if you prefer, I just love the softness of I Love This Cotton from Hobby Lobby.
Tapestry Needle

Stitches (US Terms)
CH- Chain
SS- Slip Stitch
SC- Single Crochet
INC -Increase (in this case it will be a single crochet increase)
*-To be repeated

Special Stitches
Magic ring – Video tutorial by June Gilbank on youtube here
Crab Stitch (reverse single crochet) – This stitch is basically just a regular single crochet but reversed.  So instead of working from right to left like you normally would, you work from left to right. Here is a great video by Bella Coco showing you how to do it.

Finished Dimensions
Finished Crafty Facial Rounds are about 4″ in diameter. Also, I was able to get 13 facial rounds out of 1 skein of Bernat Baby Blanket yarn.  I thought you guys might find that useful when you go yarn shopping!

Let’s get started!

Row 1: Starting with your Bernat baby blanket yarn and your K hook, SC 10 times into a magic circle. Your chain 1 does not count as a single crochet.  Join back into the top of your first SC. CH 1. (10)
If you are not familiar with the magic circle technique you can chain 3 and join into a circle if you prefer. 

Row 2: SC INC in each stitch around. Join back into your first SC, CH 1.  (20)

Row 3: *INC in the next stitch, SC in the next stitch* around. Join back into your first SC, tie off and sew in your tails. (30)
Eco-friendly tip: Keep your scrap yarn pieces somewhere safe then when Christmas time rolls around again you can use them to make a super cute snowy lookin’ scrap yarn ornament

Cotton Border

Using your H hook, join your cotton onto your work (right side facing out) CH 1. I like to join my cotton in the stitch to the right of where I tied off the Bernat blanket yarn.

Crab stitch around (31) -This number is 31 and not 30 because you will work a crab stitch into the CH 1 space where you tied off your Bernat baby blanket yarn. This will just give your Crafty Facial Round a cleaner look.

-Insert your hook into the stitch to your right, yarn over and pull up a loop. Yarn over and pull through two. That’s your first crab stitch. Continue going around the right side of your work until you are back where you started, putting one crab stitch in each space.

After you complete your 31st crab stitch, turn your work. Now we’re going to get real fancy. With the wrong side facing you, do another round of crab stitching (on top of the row you just did). I’m calling this a Double Crab Stitch border. This will completely cover the edge of your Crafty Facial Round, give the round more structure, and give it a more “finished” look.

Tada! What do you think? Now you have an awesome facial round that’s perfect for removing makeup, soft on the face and eco-friendly (yall know how much I love my eco-friendly projects). These Crafty Facial Rounds are both machine and dryer safe so they’re super low maintenance too! Now let’s talk about some gifting ideas for Mothers day (or for any reason actually, oooo they would be perfect teacher gift for teacher appreciation day or end of the school year!)

I wanted to get a cute glass container that could be used to gift a set of facial rounds in but also as storage for the recipient. I literally found these containers at the first store I walked into which was Dollar General. And it was only $2 (steal). You could probably find something similar almost anywhere you look, Target, TJ Maxx, Walmart, Meijer, probably even in craft stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby. Just take a finished Crafty Facial Round the next time you go shopping and see if you can find something cute they fit in ????

I just filled this container up with as many facial rounds that would comfortably fit (this one holds 5 nicely), add a cute piece of ribbon and boom! The perfect mothers day gift. You could even get really fancy and add a vinyl decal to the front!

Another cute way to package a set of Crafty Facial Rounds is by using some ribbon. Or twine. Lay a long piece of ribbon on your work surface, set the stack of facial rounds on the ribbon, near the center. Cross the two ends of the robbin over the top of the stack, twist them, and come back down the sides of the stack. Flip your stack of facial rounds over and thread the ends of the ribbon under the middle piece, then just tie them like you are tieing a shoe. Before you complete the bow, thread on a cute tag (or your business card), then finish tieing the bow. This would be a sweet and inexpensive way to package a set of facial rounds for your customers.

One more fun packaging example, can you tell I love packaging?! I started using these organza bags in my business last winter to ship out my Claire Bun Beanies in. They just look so chic to me. You can just pop your facial rounds right in there, add a business card and a thank you note and you’re done! Plus they are more likely to be reused than the disposable plastic bags, yay eco-friendly.

This set is made with Rosy I Love This Cotton

Click HERE to download a free sheet of “Happy Mother’s Day” and “Reusable Facial Rounds” tags.

Click HERE to download a second free sheet of “Reusable Facial Rounds” tags. It is two PDFs and when you print them front and back you get a nice little tag for your Crafty Facial Rounds

I hope you enjoyed this post and the free pattern! I really love making these Crafty Facial Rounds because 1, they’re super cute, but they also work really really well at removing makeup and 2,  you don’t have to use any chemicals to take your makeup off, simple water does the trick! If you make any of these crochet facial rounds please be sure to tag me so I can see what an awesome job you did!

Also if you end up selling these in your Etsy shops, at craft fairs or at farmers markets, comment below and let me know if they are a hot item for you! I love hearing when something I put out into the world is helping other small business owners, like me, get to do what they love and support their families!

➰Happy Crocheting➰
❤ Ashley

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