Shark Week Crochet Pattern Round-Up

Duunnn dunnn… duuuunnnn duun… duuunnnnnnnn dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnn dunnnn! SHARK WEEK!!! Who’s excited for Shark Week 2018 and all the sharky things?! I have so many friends where they like Shark Week more than Christmas and I know they’re super pumped! To celebrate, I have put together an awesome Shark Crochet Pattern Round-Up for you guys, and seriously, looking at these patterns, how could you not be excited for Shark Week?

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Let’s start with the ever-so-talented Spin A Yarn Crochet.  She has designed this amazing Shark Pillow and its perfect for cuddling up to while you watch thrilling Shark Week episodes. This pattern is made using Bernat Blanket yarn which is super soft and squishy! Jillian, the designer behind Spin A Yarn Crochet is so stinkin’ talented. I have made a couple of her ragdoll patterns and they are always a fan favorite on my social media platforms. You can get the Shark Pillow pattern for free over at Spin A Yarn Crochet, but she also has ad-free PDF version available for purchase in her Etsy Shop.

Next in our Shark Week Crochet Pattern Round-Up is a brand new pattern, just released today, by my friend Miranda over at Crazy 4 Crochet Momma. It is her new Shark Backpack pattern! I love the design of this back so much. Its perfect for little boys or little girls (or you know, full-grown mamas like myself) to carry around all their favorite sharky goodness. This is a paid pattern and you can find the instant download here in Miranda’s Etsy shop. Also head over to the Crazy4CrochetMomma Instagram and tell her how cute her brand new pattern is! 

Next up, this ADORABLE Shark Finger Puppet pattern by Crochetverse. When I first saw this little puppet, my brain immediately went to “baby shark doo do do do do doo do”. I know my 3-year-old would LOVE one of these (or 5)! I’m going to have to get around to making it for her asap.  How cute would it be if you added a little tiny bow on its head!? This pattern calls for worsted weight yarn, my go-to worsted weight is always I love This Yarn by Hobby Lobby

Our fourth Shark Week Crochet Pattern Round-Up pattern is this creative Shark Pajama Eater by MB Stitches.  A Pajama Eater is a fun way to store kiddo’s PJs on their bed so they are ready to be worn at bedtime. They could be used as a pillow or a little snuggle buddy too! This Shark Pajama Eater is perfect for Shark Week.  How cute would it be if you bought your little one a pair of sweet shark pajamas and gifted them in a handmade Shark Pajama Eater you made yourself? You could even sneak a couple different pieces of their favorite candy in there so yall could have a Shark Week pajama party and watch thrilling shark shows all day long. This pattern calls for Bernat Baby Blanket Tiny Yarn, which I’vee never personally used before but it looks amazing!!

Next up in our Shark Week Crochet Pattern Round-Up is another brand new, just released pattern, Shark Fun Pop Cozy by MermaidHooked.  These little cozys are so adorable and practical, as a momma myself, I’m all about practical! They look like a shark is trying to eat your ice pop, but really they’re keeping your little one’s fingers warm while they enjoy their icy summer treat. You can find the free pattern here, or the pdf download here for only 1.50!

Our last Shark Week Crochet Pattern Round-Up pattern is this adorable Shark Hand Puppet from YARNutopia. This would be the perfect crochet pattern to get your littlest of babes excited about Shark Week. Not only is it a free pattern on but there is also a full youtube video tutorial as well. This pattern calls for worsted weight yarn as well,  but if you used cotton yarn instead you could make a shark-tastic washcloth puppet for bath time!

I really hope you guys enjoyed this Shark Week Crochet Pattern Round-Up! If you end up making any of these patterns I would love to see!! Send me a message or tag me on Instagram if you would like to share.

????Happy Shark Week 2018 ????


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