Crochet Valentine’s Day Patterns for all your loves in 2021

Here is a list of some great free crochet Valentine’s day patterns for all the loves on your Valentine’s Day list this year.

Hey friends! Today I put together some great FREE crochet Valentine’s Day patterns perfect to whip up for friends and loved ones OR market for Valentine’s Day 🙂

First up we have the item I wear and use EVERYDAY!

The Crafty Boho Slippers

Free Crochet Slippers Pattern

This pattern calls for Bernat Blanket yarn, so they work up super fast!! I made this pattern for Toddler- Adult Men sizing so you can make these for anyone and everyone 🙂 This pattern is beginner-friendly as well. My friend Erin from EkaygDesigns her daughter taught herself how to crochet using this pattern!

You can find the free pattern to these slippers here!

Crafty Facial Rounds

Free crochet facial rounds pattern

I have hundreds of these all over my house and I use them every day! They are REUSABLE facial cleaning pads that you can use to remove your makeup using just warm water.

You can machine wash them, so they are low maintenance and super easy to take care of 🙂 These are also made with Bernat Blanket yarn which makes them extra plush and squishy!

These would make the perfect crochet Valentine’s Day gift for anyone on your list that wears makeup.

You can find the free pattern to these facial rounds here!

The Claire Coffee Cup Cozy

Free crochet coffee cozy pattern

Where are my coffee lovers?! This pattern uses cotton yarn, the pink one pictured I used Dishie Cotton from WeCrochet.

Also the super cute tag you see above that just finishes the cozy is from Angie & Britt.

These cozies are PERFECT for the coffee lovers in your life this Valentine’s Day. You can also pair these with their favorite drink spot gift card, like Starbucks.

These beauties protect your hands from the hot coffee, and look super cute while doing it so it’s a win-win in my book 🙂

You can find the free pattern for this coffee cozy here!

Tiny Heart Crochet Beanie Keychain

Here is a list of some great free crochet Valentine's day patterns for all the loves on your Valentine's Day list this year.

This adorable little pattern was February’s Guest Post on my Blog from my friend Nadine over at Buddy Luvs Crochet .

How perfect would this be for a crochet Valentine’s Day gift?! It is a little heart beanie keychain!

You can give this to ANYONE on your list, even kiddos because they can clip these to their backpacks 🙂

You can find the free pattern to these tiny heart crochet beanie keychains here.

Crochet Valentine’s Day Patterns for the Kiddos

The Ava Bunny

free crochet bunny pattern

Mia Moo Moo

free crochet cow pattern

These are two great beginner-friendly patterns you can create for the kiddos! You can also get really punny with the Valentine’s Day cards to go along with them. You could say “Some BUNNY loves you” or “You’re UTTERLY fantastic” 🙂

You can find the Ava Bunny Pattern here.

You can find the Mia Moo Moo pattern here.

Next up for the kiddos-

Bubble Bugs

These always go over really well with kids, young elementary all the way down to preschool age 🙂 You can call them “Worry Pets” they can tell their secrets to them or put them in their bags to go to school or church with them. Kids just love playing with these, throwing them, squishing them. My daughter loves to snuggle them. I made these for her preschool class last year and the kids LOVED them!

You can find the pattern for these bubble bugs here!

Bitty Boho Bag

Disclaimer: This is the one PAID pattern on this list- however I do plan on making this a free pattern on my blog very soon! If you want to be the first to know when this goes up on the blog for free be sure to sign up for my newsletter!

This little purse if perfect for all the little ladies in your life. She can put all her treasures in her little bag and carry it around with her just like mommy 🙂

You can find the Paid Pattern to this Bitty Boho Bag here.

That is it for this round-up friends! I hope enjoyed these patterns, and got some good ideas for Valentine’s Day!!

Happy Crocheting

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