Bubble Bug Yarn Experiment- Which Yarns Work Best?

Bubble Bug yarn experiment! Let’s try 5 different textured yarns and see how a Bubble Bug worry pet will work up with each one.

Bubble Bug yarn experiment! Let's try 5 different textured yarns and see how a Bubble Bug worry pet will work up with each one.

The Bubble Bug is one of my most popular patterns here at A Crafty Concept.

Recently it has been brought to my attention that the yarn used for this pattern, Spinella from Lion Brand, has been discontinued.

I thought this would be a perfect time to do another Yarn Experiment post, like I did for the Claire Bun Beanie, and see what other yarns we can use to make adorable fuzzy little bubble bugs with.

You can find the Free Pattern here and make some bubble bugs of your own, they make great Valentine’s day gifts 😉

Here is our first experiment yarn! This bug was made with Lion Brand TerrySpun Yarn.

After making this one, I found out this yarn is also discontinued! I did find some still available on Amazon though! And if you have this in your yarn stash you can definitely use it to whip up some bubble bugs.

This bubble bug did turn out a little smaller than the one made with Spinella so you may need to adjust the pattern if you want a bigger size.

Next up we have this silky soft fluffy bug! This one is made with WeCrochet Fable Fur Yarn.

You can also use Lion Brand’s Go Faux Fur, or Hobby Lobby Faux Fur Yarns.

Go For Faux has lots of pretty new colors!

The only downside to these ones is they are so fluffy the little eyes get a bit hidden. So maybe try to find bigger safety eyes!

Bubble Bug number 3 is so cute and squishy! I love how it worked up! This one was made with Boucle Yarn by Lion Brand.

Next up we have this big bubble bug! I used Hobby Lobby’s Yarn Bee Fleece yarn, and it worked up a bit larger than my other bugs. It is very soft and squishy though. And the lumpy yarn gives it a fun texture.

The last Bubble Bug I made one is the closest yarn substitute for the Spinella yarn.

This adorable pink bug was made with Red Heart Hygee Fur Yarn.

This one is as close as it gets to the Spinella Yarn. It is furry and there are no little holes in your work. It is PERFECT 🙂 I absolutely love working with this yarn.

This experiment has taught me you can use nearly any textured yarn you like to make some awesome Bubble Bugs!

If you don’t have texture yarn, you can even use regular acrylic yarn and use something like a grooming brush for pets to brush your finished bug to give it a fuzzy look!

Happy crocheting and yarn experimenting friends! Let me know which one is your favorite 🙂

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