How to promote your crochet business in January 2023

Need some crochet business tips to help you easily market your crochet business in January? I’m sharing all my secrets this month!

Need some crochet business tips to help you easily market your crochet business in January? I'm sharing all my secrets this month!

If videos are more your speed you can check out this full January walk-through on Youtube.

Getting Started

Open your Planner to January! If you are following along with the digital copy that will be page 21. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, grab it for free below!


New year new you! Folks are all about fresh starts and new beginnings in January. This is when people are focusing on their mental health, physical health, goal setting, and organization.

Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal customer. Think of what she is doing to get organized and prepare for the year.

If your ideal person is a collage student, they are going to be thinking about their dorm room, and the backpack they are going to use.

So get in the mindset of YOUR ideal customer, and brainstorm things that you think she is going to be focusing on for “New Year New You” season.

Content Ideas

How can your business/products help folks focus on:

  • Self-care
  • Organizing different spaces in their home Eating healthy
  • Working out
  • New Year’s resolutions
  • Cold weather wearables

So what in your business for your ideal customer can you do to promote these things?

Maybe you sell baskets, you can focus on how you can use those baskets to organize different spaces.

You want to take what you sell and make it applicable, and raise the quality of life for your ideal customer, in the current season of life they are in.

Example: If you want to make a post about a healthy recipe… take a picture of your food, on a pretty plate, on a placemat that you sell in your shop… you’re talking about the food but you have a picture of a placemat you sell. Now you are serving your ideal customer while simultaneously promoting your product without being salesy.

By doing this example you talking about food and staying healthy. You are becoming relatable to your ideal customer, letting them get to know the person behind the brand.

PLUS, you have a picture of the item you are selling. You are not saying buy my thing, you are sharing something seasonal while showing them your finished piece.

Start your year off organized with a new planner! I designed these to help me stay organized with all my daily tasks and to-do’s

Now is a great time to get a quarterly planner so you can start setting plans in motion. Start breaking down and planning some of the holidays and fun social media holidays you want to celebrate with your ideal customer.

Pattern Suggestions

Here are a few pattern suggestions of free crochet patterns you can find on my blog, to help you show up in January and help you serve your ideal customer with things that are front of mind for them!

Crafty Facial Rounds

This is speaking to self-care. Maybe your ideal customer wears makeup or washes their face every day.

Nesting Baskets

They are perfect for organizing. You can organize your office, your dorm, your kitchen, or your living room.

Whatever is important to your ideal customer, show them how your baskets can help her this month!

Hanging Baskets

These are great because you can hang them, and they take up very little space. Show your ideal customer different ways you can use this basket.

They can use it for things like holding mail, pencils, and their collection of stickers.

For my ideal customer, small business owners. I would show them they can use it for outgoing mail like envelopes.

Crafty Boho Bag Holder

If you live in an area that still uses plastic bags, you can showcase this product to help your customer store their plastic bags so they are not all over the place!

Bonus it adds a boho flair to their space.

Hanging Dishtowel

Hanging dishtowels are a great way to get organized. Instead of having an ugly random towel laying on your counter taking up space, you would have a designed towel specifically to make the decor in your kitchen hanging in one place so you can always get to it!

This is going to save your customer time looking for a towel, and it’s going to make their space more organized!

Essential Oil Roller Keychain

This is great for self-care! You could include a roller blend to help with whatever they struggle with.

If your customer does not enjoy essential oils you can also use this keychain for chapstick!


A lot of people decide to start reading more books at the start of the new year, so it’s a great time to promote your bookmarks!

You know how people start a goal to drink more water, and they go out and buy a pretty new water bottle? This would be the same thing!

A pretty bookmark to help them stick to their goal of reading more this year!

Action Step

January is a great time to clean up things in your business and get yourself organized for the year! Spend some time this month going through this calendar and planning some seasonally appropriate emails for the year.

Don’t have an email list yet? Now is a perfect time to start one! Check out my free youtube series all about email lists for your crochet business!

What I would do, while going through this planner and you get an idea for a great email to send I would jot it down in the notes section that way you don’t forget!

Up Next

Next month people are going to start thinking Valentine’s Day! Be pre-planning ways you can promote your products for Valentine’s Day, serve your ideal customer related to V-day, and start making things now that you think will be good sellers.

Crochet Boss Academy opens next month!

Calendar Section

On the next page you will have an overview of January, and along the bottom of the page there are some more sections. Let’s take a look at…

This Month

2023 Content Calendar For print margins fixed

  • National Book Month
  • National Hobby Month
  • National Get Organized Month
  • Weight Loss Awareness Month
  • Girl Scout Cookie season begins
  • National Oatmeal Month National Soup Month
  • National Slow Cooking Month
  • Veganuary Dry January

If any of these stand out to you as something your ideal customer would be celebrating or participating in, make notes of ways you can promote them!

If your ideal customer is a reader, or wants to read more this year you can talk about books.

If your ideal customer is a Christian, you can talk about devotionals.

If they are a mom, trying to help their kids learn how to read, you can suggest some good children’s books.

Be sure to make it specific to your ideal customer, and that will help go further in your level of success.


New Years Day – January 1st

Clean Off Your Desk Day – January 9th: This is great for anyone with a desk! You can set up your camera overhead your desk and take a timelapse video of you cleaning off your desk. You can post the video as a reel, or on TikTok!

National Dress Up Your Pet Day – January 14th: How fun would this be! If your ideal customer has pets and you do as well, this is a great one to share to become more relatable to your ideal customer. If you sell pet-specific things, this is definitely a social media holiday you want to celebrate!

Martin Luther King Jr Day – January 16th

National Popcorn Day – January 19th: Share a popcorn recipe! Or if you make fake food, share any popcorn-themed items you sell.

Get To Know Your Customer Day – January 19th: This is a good one for Instagram posts because you can put out a specific question like “what is at the top of your to-do list for the new year?” Encourage them to comment on their answers. Also, be sure that you are commenting and interacting with your ideal customers, that way others will comment and interact with your posts 😉

My tip is to be specific in your question! Don’t ask something like “Tell me about yourself”, ask something specific so their brain will automatically answer it.

National Cheese Lovers Day – January 20th

Chinese New Year – January 22nd

National Compliments Day – January 24th: Super easy one! Make a post saying something like “Leave some emojis below and I will go leave a compliment on one of your recent posts!” This would be a great engaging post!

National Green Juice Day – January 26th: Share a recipe, or share where you get your favorite Green Juice. Maybe you sell a coffee cup sleeve, take a photo of you using one of your cozy around a green juice!


This is the space you can keep track of all your stats, across multiple platforms, to watch your growth each month.


Great place to jot down any ideas, brainstorms/ brain dumps.

Pattern Content Ideas

On page 24 you will find nine crochet patterns that would be perfect to make and market in January!

Plastic Bag Holder

Crochet plastic bag holder pattern by A Crafty Concept.

Remember to keep your posts ideal customer specific. For example, if your ideal customer is a college student, this would be great for dorm rooms. It is small, it hangs so it doesn’t take up any desk, counter, or cabinet space! It’s cute, and can add a pop of color to their room. Also, you can use plastic bags as small trash can bags, for wet clothes, dirty clothes, or use them to carry shower items to the bathroom.

If you come up with several ideas for one product I would split each idea up into its own social media post. Plus an email sharing all ideas.

Nesting Baskets

Crochet Nesting Baskets pattern by A Crafty Concept.

If your ideal customer is a mom and she has little kids, talk about how she can organize all their small toys!

If your ideal customer loves plants, these baskets would work great to add around their plant pots.

Organization is going to be top of mind for everyone, so think of how a basket could organize an important space for your ideal customer.

Claire Bun Beanie

Crochet messy bun beanie pattern by A Crafty Concept.

It is still cold in a lot of places in January! Claire Bun Beanies have been my best-selling item since 2017! If you do not have these in your shop, but you think your ideal customer would like them, I want to encourage you to give them a try 🙂

Hanging Dishtowel

These would give your customer, cute but functional and mental health security by not having dirty rags around your kitchen. Some people see clutter and get mentally stressed, so decluttering and adding functional towels like this could really give a good mental health boost!


Crochet bookmark pattern

You could take photos of books you are reading, with your bookmark in the photo. This a great post that is NOT hey buy my thing. You are talking about yourself, but sharing a photo of the bookmark.

Crafty Facial Rounds

Crochet facial rounds pattern by A Crafty Concept.

You can let your customer know that these are 100% polyester so they are machine washable and dry-able! I use mine every day! I have like 20 of them in my drawer! Sometimes I also use these to wipe out my sink!

Essential Oil Roller Keychain

Crochet keychain pattern by A Crafty Concept.

Essential oils are a super great way to show self-love! This keychain will help your customers keep their most used rollers handy and easily accessible!

If your ideal customer is a college student, showcase how they can easily clip it to their backpack.

If they are a mom, show them it can hook on to their diaper bag or purse.

Focus on who your ideal customer is, and when or where she would need essential oils, and show her how she can use it. Make it as easy as possible so they don’t have to think about how they could use it.

As I mentioned earlier these can be used for other things like chapstick.

Crafty Boho Slippers

Crochet slippers pattern by A Crafty Concept.

These slippers would be great for some self-love! These are so soft and squishy! Show your feet some love with a squishy pair of house slippers.

We now have a couple other versions of slippers that might speak to your ideal customer!

Bunny Slippers

Crochet bunny slippers pattern by A Crafty Concept.

Christmas Slippers

Crochet slippers pattern by A Crafty Concept.

That is a wrap for January friends! I hope this helped, and you have a ton of great ideas to create some amazing content for your ideal customers!

See you next month for February’s walk-through!

❤️ Ashley

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