15 Summer Crochet Patterns You Need To Make

If you love all things sweet and colorful during the summer months, then this summer crochet patterns round-up is for you. We have curated 15 of this summer’s HOTTEST free crochet patterns to keep you nice and cool.

Life is like an ice cream cone. You have to lick it one day at a time.

Charles M Schulz
If you love all things sweet and colorful during the summer months, then this summer crochet patterns round-up is for you. We have curated 15 of this summer's HOTTEST free crochet patterns to keep you nice and cool.

Who’s ready for ice cream! Popsicles? All the summer treats?

Hey guys! Sarah from A Plush Pineapple back this month, AND it’s my BIRTHDAY MONTH! Woohoo! So to celebrate my birthday, Ashley and I have curated an entire round up of cool summer treats!

Trust me. You are going to be DROOLING by the time you finish looking through all of these delicious summer treats crochet patterns. They are all so bright, colorful, fun, and DELICIOUS! This may be my favorite roundup yet!

This year has been a wild one for sure. I think we can all agree on that point. Are you trying to build a crochet business, and you feel overwhelmed by ALL. THE. THINGS? All of the making and picture-taking and listing and prepping and supply-ordering and shipping can get exhausting. Maybe you’re frustrated with life in general. You may be bogged down by Covid, politics, world drama, family issues, working from home, homeschooling your kids, etc… However, no matter what comes your way, you can only take things one day at time, step by step, little by little. You’ve got this, friend! Take life just like an ice cream cone and lick it…

…one day at a time!

Bomb Pop Cozy

Ahhh!!! What a perfect pattern to start this roundup of summer treats! This bomb pop cozy by Ashley here at A Crafty Concept brings back so many childhood memories! I can almost hear the ice cream man right now! Wait…he really is driving through! Hold on…BRB!

Bobble Ice Cream Appliqué

Summer crochet patterns- applique

One scoop or two? This ice cream appliqué by yours truly, Sarah of A Plush Pineapple comes in two versions, one scoop of ice cream or two! Both mods include a cherry on top because, c’mon, what’s an ice cream cone without the cherry? This appliqué can be applied to my Garden Flag pattern or ANY project that you want to add some ice cream goodness to!

Slushee Cup Drawstring Bag

I have to admit, I squealed a little when I saw these. Also, I think I actually want one! These Slushee Drawstring bags by Twinkie Chan are just the cutest. I love how creative and innovative they are! Perfect for a little girl that wants to haul around her ice-cream-flavored Lip Smackers!

Ice Cream Key Ring

Crochet Ice Cream Key Chains

We can’t have a summer crochet patterns round-up without mini ice cream cones! Would you just look at how cute and adorable these little key rings by the Friendly Red Fox are? They would make a great freebie to add to customer orders. You could even scent them by adding in some essential oil when you stuff them!

Popsicle C2C Square

Crochet popsicle

Krystle of Heartsprinkle does it again with the adorable popsicle C2C square! She is the queen of C2C patterns and the inventor of free-form C2C (if you haven’t seen that yet, you have to check it out)! I just love the heart detail she added to the colorwork here! You could easily turn this into a baby blanket or wall hanging!

Ice Cream Snail

Have you ever seen anything so cute and adorable in your whole life? An ice cream snail amigurumi? Oh. my. WORD! This adorable pattern is by Furls, and it is the CUTEST! Just think of all of the flavor combinations that you could whip this up in! And those SPRINKLES! I mean, if this were in your market stall, how could anyone NOT buy it???

Popsicle Kawaii Cuddler

I have really come to love the Kawaii Cuddlers by 3AM Grace Designs, and this one is no different. You could easily make this one in bomb pop colors too! I can just see this on a little girl’s bed or chair or as a nap time buddy!

Stacked Ice Cream Cone

crochet ice cream free crochet pattern

I feel like this roundup keeps getting better and BETTER! I just LOVE this stacked ice cream cone amigurumi by Repeat Crafter Me! Oooohhh! I just thought of an idea! You could use velcro pads on the bottom and top of the scoops and sell it as an interchangeable ice cream cone set! Kids could build it in any flavor they wanted over and over!

Watermelon Popsicle

Eeeek! Look at their cute faces! This popsicle pattern by Spin a Yarn is so versatile! There are so many color options! You could have a tray with holes in it and label each row by flavor to display them in your booth!

Ice Cream Crochet Appliqué

I love these little appliqués by Raffamusa Designs! I can see them all strung together to make an ice cream bunting. You could string them horizontally OR vertically! You could also add them to a bear (or other animal) amigurumi on its belly to look like a Carebear!

Popsicle Pocket Bag

Ok! Yes! Look how perfect this little water bottle holder by Snappy Tots is! I love how it can attach to a bag too. It can also hold ANYTHING not just a water bottle. It’s so cute for a baby bottle, phone, sunglasses, or anything you need quick access to!

Melty the Ice Cream Cone

Ok, I know we have seen a lot of ice cream amigurumis in this roundup, BUT this one has WHIP CREAM and CHOCOLATE SYRUP! Hahaha! How great is that? Spin a Yarn does it again with these cuties! These could be in a tray next to the popsicles in your market booth!

Creamsicle Baby Blanket

This creamsicle blanket by Noors Knits is such an adorable design concept! I love the pastel color theme. It just reminds me of a beautiful summer on a fancy island somewhere in Europe, right? It would be such a beautiful addition to any baby’s room or as a car seat cover or travel blanket!

Ice Cream Bag

If you love all things sweet and colorful during the summer months, then this summer crochet patterns round-up is for you. We have curated 15 of this summer's HOTTEST free crochet patterns to keep you nice and cool.

Here’s another adorable little drawstring bag, and this time, it’s an ice cream bag by Look At What I Made! I love the idea of using a red bead for the closure so it looks like a cherry on top! What a genius idea.

Crochet Bomb Pop

Let’s end this summer crochet patterns roundup with a BANG with this bomb pop pattern by Cut Out and Keep! Add these to your trays in your market stall, and you have a whole ice cream parlor section of adorable summer treats for sale!

I hope you enjoyed this summer treats roundup of free crochet patterns! I enjoyed celebrating my birthday by curating all of these fun treats for you. You can find all of the roundups that I have curated for A Crafty Concept on my free roundups page! So if you are looking for patterns for ANY SEASON, you can find them there. I hope you have a wonderfully hot and sunshine-y SUMMER!

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  1. Cecelia Remedios says:

    OMGOODNESS!!! I squeal when I see patterns for Brught crochet items like Icecream. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the BRIGHT Colors and they are ADORABLE!!!
    I can’t wait to make each one.

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