Easy Giant Knit Blanket Tutorial | Loop Yarn Blanket

Learn how to make this super simple loop yarn blanket without any crocheting or knitting skills. Free chunky knit blanket tutorial.

Learn how to make this super simple loop yarn blanket without any crocheting or knitting skills. Free chunky knit blanket tutorial.

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I absolutely love the look of big chunky knit blankets. They’re so squishy and classy looking! Being a crocheter, I didn’t think making a knit blanket would be in my wheelhouse, but then Bernat released their new Alize Blanket EZ yarn!

Learn how to make this super simple loop yarn blanket without any crocheting or knitting skills. Free chunky knit blanket tutorial.

This yarn is so amazing. It is made up of a ton of little loops, and all you have to do to make a knit blanket is loop the loops together! It’s so simple,  it would be a great project for even your littlest of creatives!

For my loop yarn blanket, I used 6 skeins of Bernat Alize Blanket EZ yarn in the color Cream. I made it 75 loops wide and 63 rows long.  The finished dimensions are 63″ long and 55″ wide (about 5ft by 4.5ft).

I have put together a quick tutorial showing you how to make your own giant knit blanket.

Starting your loop yarn blanket

Start by cutting a few loops apart at the beginning of your skein. To do this just snip the loop apart at the base of the loop. This will give you a “tail” you can sew in at the end.

Unravel your yarn a bit and laying out your desired amount of loops. For this tutorial, I will be using 10 loops.

Lay your working yarn in the direction your row will be going (back down the 10 loops I just laid out).

Push the 11th loop through the center of the 10th loop and pull through.

Continue going down your row of working yarn, pushing the loops through the loops on your starting row until you have 10 loops pushed through.

Make sure not to twist your loops on your starting row before pushing a new loop through.

After you finish row two, lay your working yarn out back down the row to prepare for row 3. You will be looking at the “right side” of your blanket the entire time you’re working on it, you will not need to flip your work.

Begin looping back down your blanket.

Learn how to make this super simple loop yarn blanket without any crocheting or knitting skills. Free chunky knit blanket tutorial.

Continue looping your rows until you get to where you run out of yarn and need to attach a new skein.


  • Be careful not to skip a loop on your working yarn. I, unfortunately, did this on my blanket. Just keep checking the back of your work every so often and make sure there are no loose loops just hanging out.
  • Keep an eye on your last loop of each row. I’ve found the sides of your work will tend to curl in and it’s easy to miss the very last loop in your row. Before you start your next row just feel to make sure you got the last loop.
  • If you do mess up, you can easily hold your piece and pull your working yarn to unloop pretty quickly.
  • If you find a mistake (like a twisted loop) you can unloop just that column, fix the mistake, then re-loop that column.


Attaching a new skein

Attaching a new skein is super simple. Cut a few loops off the end of your first skein (to leave a tail for sewing in), then cut a few loops off the beginning of your new skein (just like you did at the beginning of your first skein).

Lay the new skein right next to the first one and begin looping where you left off.


  • When you attach a new skein, knot your tails together so there’s not a giant hole for you to work around.

Ending your blanket

Learn how to make this super simple loop yarn blanket without any crocheting or knitting skills. Free chunky knit blanket tutorial.

When you are finished with your last row, leave a tail by cutting open some loops.

At the beginning of your last row (the side that doesn’t have the tail), start looping your loops into each other down the length of the row. This will give your edge a braided effect.

Once you get to the last loop, pull your tail up through the last loop (as if it were another loop), then sew in all your loose tails.

Sewing in tails

I tried to do this with my tapestry needle but found it much easier to just use a crochet hook. Hide your tail through the stitches. This yarn is very forgiving since it’s so fluffy so you really can’t mess up on this part.

Then you’re all finished! I hope you guys love this yarn as much as I do! I am obsessed with the look of chunky knitted blankets and I love I can make my own without having to learn a new craft and purchase a bunch of new tools.


  • Super easy to use
  • Great quality
  • Your finished piece is beautiful and soft
  • Projects work up really quick


  • Sides seem to curl into each other
  • Some loops look a little funky (everything can’t be perfect)
  • The yarn is a little pricey (thank you coupons)

Overall I love this yarn. I plan on making lots of these blankets as Christmas presents this year!

If you guys make a blanket using the new Bernat Alieze Blanket EZ yarn, tag me! I would love to see your creation and hear about your experience using this yarn!


Alternate Yarns- I haven’t tried these yet but I am assuming they do the same thing.
Big Twis Loopity Loops – At Joanns
Loops yarn by Loops and Threads – At Michales

75 thoughts on “Easy Giant Knit Blanket Tutorial | Loop Yarn Blanket

  1. Ashley says:

    Saw this at acmoore 3 for $10. Looks like a nice step in the door for me to get to learn about crocheting! Looking to make a baby bkanket and an XXL blanket to go over my queen bed. And suggestions on how many budles i need for each?

  2. Kathy Harper says:

    This is the first time using the loop it yarn for a blanket I usually quilt. Would it possible to put a backing on a loop it blanket like a quilt. I am making one for my teenage granddaughter and would like for it to be easy to make the bed and retain its shape.

  3. Naudja says:

    Quwestion: Each video I’ve watch used about 10 loops for the tutorial but how many loop should I use to make this big blanket?
    Also, thank you for such wonderful instructions.

      • Phyllis Zeek says:

        I use bernat Alize yarn but lots of the loops are not all the same in texture. They are not perfect. Some very flat and thinner than others. Do I just use them or cut them out and knot the yarn together in that spot

        • Paula Henderson says:

          I have made 10 of these blankets, for myself, and as gifts. Bernet is far superior than the other loop yarns. One of them shed so much that I had yarn all over me the other loop yarn was a total mess too.. don’t waste your money. Joanns’s is the only one that carried the Alize yarn. Check for coupons and sales. This yarn washed beautifully. After washing all of the loops are the same texture and the blanket is even softer. I have gotten rave reviews for all my blankets. They are fun to make.

    • Beverly says:

      I just completed my. First project. Use I gotta the loopy yarn. You may be dropping a loop as you do each row. I had that problem ended up pulling one fourth of my first blanket apart. ( it was a lot easier than when I’ve used a needle) It looked a lot better when I finished

  4. Betty says:

    Just finished my FIRST blanket project. Turned out so nice that I’m on my way to get more Yarn.
    Also, my neighbor who has MS saw what I was working on and she gave it a try. Loved it and now she is trying to make a blanket.
    Awesome finger therapy for me with arthritis in my hands as well as her.
    Thank you.

    • Carrie says:

      How do I deal with loop yarn that has a loop missing? I’m not sure what to do as this is my first time using this yarn?

      • Lergia Capdevila says:

        When the skein has a missing loop, I make my own by get the long piece of yarn in between the two existing loops and just twisting it. I hope this helps.

  5. Abby says:

    So in your instruction and pictures you showed a row of 10 loops. Was that just for demo purposes? To make a larger throw you used a 75 loop base row & 6 skeins??

      • Sheryl says:

        I looked at the picture above of the ball of yarn used and you can see on the label it is 6.4 oz . For those who want to know how big the ball of yarn is from Bernat. Other stores offer another brand of loop yarn. Check the oz and yards to decide how many skeins you want to use. Enjoy!!

    • JanR says:

      I did a baby one – -45″ X 45″–and I used 3 skeins (of the 6.4 variety) and I had about 4 loops lift over. I used 50 loops.

  6. Daniel says:

    I found this yarn at Joann’s in September and decided to try it. Love the feel of the yarn. Bernat seems to have the thickest yarn. AC Moore’s house yarn seems quite thin. Have used Joann’s Loopity loop yarn most. Each brand has a different size skein as well. I have made 5 projects since September. So easy to work. I made a “shrug” for my granddaughter’s birthday at beginning of October. I made a similar one for my daughter-in-law. Made an extremely long scarf for my granddaughter who turned 5 just 2 days before Christmas. Also made a baby blanket and a baby hat. My next project will be pillows. I have decided to use a pillow form for the inside rather than stuffing. So much fun.

  7. Janis Bukstein says:

    ? concerning the chunky blanket …. what size is yours ?? i need to know if there is a size chart to know how many balls for what size i want to make a 50X80 blanket . can you help me fig. how many balls i will need. thanks

    • Ashley says:

      Hey! I can’t remember just off how big it was but it’s throw size! And I’m not a math wiz when it comes to designing. I have to actually make the thing before I can know 🙁 some people can math it all out though! Those people amaze me ????

      • Robin says:

        Measure out enough loops to go 50” and work a skein up.
        I did 75 loops and a skein of yarn went 10 rows which was 10”. My finished blanket with 7 skeins was 58x 70.

  8. Michelle says:

    this yarn looks quite expensive, 6 skeins would cost me $72.00 at Walmart and JoAnns do u all buy somewhere cheaper? or wait for sales at JoAnns?

    • Ashley says:

      I wait for it to go on sale then buy it. It’s really nice when it’s on sale AND you can get a 20% off total order! That’s when I stock up lol. I think it cost $54 … that might have included shipping though I’m not sure.

      You could also use competitor coupons and take people with you and each of them could buy a skein and use a coupon too!

    • Jordan says:

      Michales has it cheaper than Joanne’s. It’s half the size but works great and they are almost always on sale

  9. Denise onorato says:

    I love this stuff. Ive made several blankets and scarves. But they all curl! I read to leave the last stich outof each row. Then at the end weave together like finishing. The item stays flat that way. I just tryed with a scarf and its perfectly flat. Do you know what i mean?

  10. Christine Summers says:

    Finished my first throw. Did 70 loops across and used 6 skeins from Joann’s. Got it on sale for $7.99 each plus used in store coupon $5 off total. My biggest issue was missing loops and trying to correct them.

  11. Cara E Dal Porto says:

    I’m confused on how to sew in the tails , are you saying to just thread them back into the blanket? Or physically sew them in. This is the first time I’ve done any type of knitting so I’m really confused

    • Ashley says:

      I use a large tapestry needle, and sew in the tails that way. I go between lots of stitches, back and fourth, making sure to go completely under the yarna nd not just through the little frizzy bits. Its a little tough at first, but you’ll get the hang of it after a while! Just make your tails really long so you have plenty to work with.

  12. Wanda Stanley says:

    I just started making my first baby blanket with the loops. I couldnt figure out how to lay the yarn out. So i got out my light weight ironing board and laid the yarn down on it. It is a wiz doing it on the board!!! I love this yarn!!!

  13. Nancy Williamson says:

    I was wondering. I’ve had a few extra loops in the back show up. How do I fix them without tearing the whole thing apart? I usually find them after about 4-5 rows completed.

    • Linda says:

      I had the same happen to me. I fixed the dropped loops by using a piece of the yarn to tie it into the row above. Magically it just blends in . If someome examines the blanket THAT closely they MAY see the error however, it looked great to my eye. It stayed together just fine in the wash as well.

  14. Tonie says:

    I was just at Joanns today (10-10-19j and the Bernat yarn was on sale for 2 for 12.00. Got 12 for 72.00. Plus Bernat makes a ez-wool loopity yarn.

  15. Kristin says:

    It took me way more than six skeens of lion brand off the hook yarn to make a decent sized blanket. I would say its going to easily take me 12. I made mine 75 wide, just like it said in the instructions.

  16. Katie says:

    I have made 2 hats with this hat so far. bought 12 skeins to make a blanket for my 6-foot tall friend. we are both 11yearsold. I am only 5 feet, crazy! I was very indecisive about the color I would get her. her favorite colors are blue and purple, and she is more of a pastel person, so I decided on denim blues. Love love love this yarn. recommend it. I guess it will be an extra giant blanket!

  17. Ruth barron says:

    Is there any nice patterns that anyone could recommend for baby blanket and does anyone know how the Moda Vera loopy yarn washes hope it doesn’t lose pieces of fluf or goes out of shape..

  18. Lynn Weingardt says:

    Has anyone ever added yarn after finishing the last row. For example untying the last row then adding?? Thanks

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