How to attach a crochet bow to an alligator clip

My favorite crochet bow pattern is, hands down, the Southern Style Bow by Southern Day Crochet. I remember when I first saw Kim’s bows, about 3 years ago, and I thought it was pure genius to make a tube and squish it into a bow shape!

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If you would rather watch the video I created you can find that below, but if you would rather read how I do it just scroll past the video.

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Fast forward a few years to today and I am now making hundreds of Southern Style Bows and attaching them to an alligator clip as an accessory add-on to the Claire Bun Beanie. You know us southern girls, we like big bows and we can not lie! Since I made the Claire Bun Beanie pattern available, I have been getting questions on how I attach my bows. Instead of continuing to message everyone separately, I thought I would just share it here so everyone could see!

First, you will need to make your bow tube. You can find the free pattern for Kim’s Southern Style Bow HERE. The bows I make are most like the Medium size bow listed in the free pattern, except for I use a size H hook and only do 10 rounds. The hook pictured above is by the talented Ashley of Fox Jam Boutique

After you make your bow tube and sew in your tails, grab a long piece of yarn (about 2 feet just to be safe), in the color you want the middle of your bow to be, and loosely tie it around the center of your bow tube (back side facing).

 Flip your bow over so the right side is facing you. Pinch the center rows to help create the shape of your bow.

Slowly start pulling your center yarn and adjusting your bow until its completely tied. Knot to secure.

Begin wrapping your yarn around the center of your bow. Wrap about 7 times. 

Grab your alligator clip. Hold it open, continue to wrap your yarn around your bow, this time making sure to go over your alligator clip as well. Do this about 5 times total, opening your alligator clip every time the yarn passes over it.

Make sure you spread out the yarn that’s wrapped over the clip so it’s not all bunched up in one space.

Tie your yarn in a knot, and sew in your tails. I prefer using a tapestry needle for this, I find it to be cleaner looking but also easier.


Then you’re all finished! Now your bow is ready to clip on the back of a Claire Bun Beanie or anywhere else you think needs a little something extra. These bows also look awesome striped so go crazy with the color combos, you won’t regret it ????

I hope you guys found this tutorial helpful. Thank you so much for hanging out with me on my little corner of the internet. If you love the bow pattern, go show Kim some love over on Instagram and let her know how thankful we are that she has graciously shared her bow secrets for free!

I hope you guys have an amazing day!
Happy Crocheting

❤️ Ashley

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