Big Kitty Bag

Since you guys loved the  Bitty Kitty Bag tutorial, I thought it would be fun to post a version for an adult size bag too! I know there are some crazy cat ladies reading right now, this post is for you ????

The only change you need to make to the original Adult Boho Bag pattern is crochet the front piece in all single crochets instead of adding the texture with the bobble stitch. Everything else is exactly the same.

The process is just like the process used in the Bitty Kitty Bag, so if you haven’t read that post yet go ahead and give it a quick look over;  this post will not as detailed.

Here’s what you’ll need
Adult Boho Bag Pattern 
G Hook (mine is from the very talented North Woods Hooks on Etsy)
Yarn in the same color asAdult Boho Bag (I used Graphite from Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn)
White embroidery thread or thin white yarn
Scrap Pink yarn for nose, about 2 ft should be more than enough (I used Coral Sparkle from Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn)
Tapestry Needle

Start by taking the front piece of your Adult Boho Bag (before attaching to the back) and make  sure all your loose ends are sewn in.

Thread your nose color yarn through your tapestry needle and decide where you want the bottom tip of your kitty nose to be. Insert your tapestry needle through the back of the bag. (Remember you are going to have an inch or so of birm on top so space your nose accordingly)

Follow the steps from the Bitty Kitty Bag to outline then fill in your kitty nose.

Continue following the steps from the Bitty Kitty Bag to add the whiskers. Cut off a long length of your white embroidery thread (or thin yarn) and thread it through your tapestry needle. Push it up through the back of the bag, where you want the beginning of your whisker to start (near the nose) and make one stitch at a time until you get your desired whisker length. Remember to mark where you want your whisker to end with a sharpie, and point your needle in that direction for every stitch, to help keep your whisker straight. Detailed pictures explaining these steps are on the Bitty Kitty Bag post.

Once you have finished your 6 whiskers and sewn in all your loose ends, attach the front and back bag pieces together as normal and crochet the brim around the top. (all of this is in the Boho Bag pattern)

Now it’s time to make the ears!

Grab your G hook and your yarn. The kitty ears are made in the round. Starting with round 3, each round will have 1 or 2 increases. It doesn’t matter where you put your increases as long as they are not all on top of each other. Space them out so your ears don’t have a funky shape.

Make Two
Round 1: Single crochet 6 in a magic circle (6)
Round 2: Single crochet 6 (6)
Round 3: Single crochet around and make 2 increase stitches (8)
Round 4: Single crochet around making one increase stitch (9)
Round 5: Single crochet around making 2 increase stitches (11)
Round 6: Single crochet around making 1 increase stitch (12)
Round 7: Single crochet around making 2 increase stitches (14)
Slip stitch and tie off leaving a tail about a foot long tail for sewing onto your bag.

Just to clarify your rounds should go- 6,6,8,9,11,12,14

Sew in your loose end (the short one from where you started your ear, not the long one you just cut)

Adjust your ears onto your bag to see where you want them to go.

Attach your ears following the same technique from the Bitty Boho Bag tutorial. Thread the end through your tapestry needle, insert needle into the bag where you want the ear to go, then insert your needle into the ear and pull until it’s secure. Do this all the way down the length of your ear and repeat for the second one.

Sew in your ends and the body of your Big Kitty Bag is finished!! Now all you have to do is crochet your strap, using the Boho Bag pattern, and attach it to the bag.


If you make a Big Kitty Bag, or a Bitty Kitty Bag, I would love to see them! Please tag me @ACraftyConcept so I can gawk over how talented you guys are!!! Also if you like this post go ahead and subscribe to the blog! That way you will get emails every time I post something new. Thank you guys for all of your kind words, love and support. The maker community is my favorite community and you guys are all AMAZING! ????

➰ Happy Crocheting ➰


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