22 Free Back-to-School Crochet Patterns

Crochet fun teacher gifts or school supplies with this list of free back-to-school crochet patterns.

What we learn becomes who we are.


Back-to-school crochet patterns are near and dear to my heart!

Hey guys! Sarah from A Plush Pineapple here to bring you another roundup, and this one is packed with back-to-school supplies that you can crochet for your child, his teacher, or his classmates!

It's back-to-school time! Crochet fun teacher gifts or school supplies with this list of 22 free back-to-school crochet patterns.

This roundup is near and dear to my heart because I am a former teacher of eleven years with experience teaching all grades from 1st all the way through 12th. Yes, I know. It is quite the track record.

My college degree is a bachelors in secondary education with a major in math and music. When I started out teaching, I taught junior high and high school English and some other miscellaneous classes such as seventh-grade science.

A wall in my former classroom

When my husband and I moved to another state, the next school I taught in didn’t need any junior high or high school teachers. They needed elementary teachers! Boy, was I in for a treat. The idea of teaching younger children always made me more nervous than teaching the teenagers for some reason. I didn’t feel that I knew how to properly communicate with them, but I soon found out that they were just as much a joy to teach as the older kids!

I had so many influential teachers in my life as a young person, and much of what I say or do now is a reflection of them. I would like to think that in my eleven years of teaching, I was able to pass on a bit of that knowledge and experience.

The crochet business is a constant journey of learning new things much like life!

You are never finished learning when it comes to crochet! There is always a new stitch to try or a new technique to master. When you turn it into a side business, there are marketing strategies, social media strategies, organization strategies, and more!

A poster I made for my classroom

I like the beginning quote that says, “What we learn becomes who we are.” We crocheters must all be giant skeins of yarn by now with how much we learn about it on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis!

Since your child’s teachers are helping to shape who your child will become, it is only fitting to shower them with gifts of appreciation!

Today, I am so excited to be able to share with all of you some amazing back-to-school crochet projects that you can brighten a teacher’s day with. I am here to tell you that teaching is no easy task. I often arrived first and left last. I poured every ounce of myself into teaching because I loved my job, and I loved my students. Your child’s teachers deserve all the praise and love for the sacrifices that they make on a daily basis!

Back to school may look different this year for most, but trust me when I say that some things never change, and the influence of a teacher…

…can never be erased.

Crafty Pencil Pillow

Let’s kick off this back-to-school crochet pattern roundup with this amazing Crafty Pencil Pillow by Ashley here at A Crafty Concept! I love the rows of texture created with the bobbles. As a former teacher, I can see this being used as a reading circle cushion or an incentive prize for good behavior! The student who has been the best behaved for the day gets to have the pencil pillow at his desk!

It's back-to-school time! Crochet fun teacher gifts or school supplies with this list of 22 free back-to-school crochet patterns.

Pencil Cup Cozy

Next up is the Pencil Cup Cozy that I designed over at A Plush Pineapple as a mod to Shanice’s Ice Boho Cozy over at Crochetastic Boutique. My favorite thing about this cozy is how it legit looks like a pencil! I literally feel like I could erase something with the bottom of my cup! It’s perfect for a teacher gift or even for your child’s classmates!

It's back-to-school time! Crochet fun teacher gifts or school supplies with this list of 22 free back-to-school crochet patterns.

In Love with Apples Appliqué

These adorable In Love with Apples Appliqués by Raffamusa Designs can literally be added to ANYTHING! I can see them added to paperclips as a teacher gift or attached to a zipper pull on a pencil case OR you could even embroider numbers on them and glue magnets to the back to use as teaching manipulatives! I could go on and on. There is really so much potential here!

Crayon Tissue Box Holder

This Crayon Tissue Box Holder by Nicole at Nicki’s Handmade Crafts is the perfect addition to the classroom! If there are teachers out there that are anything like me, I couldn’t stand it when the box didn’t match my room…(sorry, not sorry), so I would have loved to have something like this to cover up some of those hideous tissue box prints. The teacher might have to put a cap on tissue usage per child though as I could see them wanting to grab a tissue out of it just for fun rather than necessity!

Loose-leaf Cup Cozy

Oh my goodness! I love these Loose-leaf Cozies by Through the Loop! They look so adorable as little pieces of paper! You could even embroider the student’s name on the center space in pretty cursive writing or make a tiny pencil appliqué to sew onto one side!

It's back-to-school time! Crochet fun teacher gifts or school supplies with this list of 22 free back-to-school crochet patterns.

Crayon Water Bottle Holder

I am totally admiring these Crayon Water Bottle Holders by Crystalized Designs! She really nailed it with the crayon resemblance, and I love how the strap looks like color just oozing out of the top of the crayon like scribbles on paper! There is even room on the black circle to put the child’s initial!

Teacher Gnome

I can’t even with this Teacher Gnome by Winding Road Crochet! Can you see the little “E=mc2” equation on the hat? This is probably one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a long time. What a perfect teacher gift this would make!

Clear Window Pencil Pouch

This Clear Window Pencil Pouch by Blackstone Designs is so unique and original! I’ve never seen anything like it, but it’s genius! I love how holes are punched into the clear plastic to crochet around and create such an adorable pouch! The clear plastic also totally opens up a whole world of vinyl lettering or decals that can be added if you own a Cricut!

It's back-to-school time! Crochet fun teacher gifts or school supplies with this list of 22 free back-to-school crochet patterns.

Pencil Tissue Box Cover

Here is another genius tissue box cover by Nicole of Nicki’s Handmade Crafts, and this time, it’s a Pencil Tissue Box Cover! I love how this one is perfect for those little square tissue boxes. This one would be ideal for the teacher desk or a nearby shelf. You could even have a custom leather patch or tag laser engraved with the teacher’s name and class to attach to the side!

Thread and Paperclip Earrings

Okay, I would have totally worn these fun Thread and Paperclip Earrings by Eye Love Knots when I was teaching! I did have one student in second grade one year get so distracted by my jewelry during flashcard time that I would have to temporarily shove earrings, bracelets, etc… in my podium! So, I am certain that she would have loved these!

Little Backpack with Drawstrings

This Little Backpack by Nicole of Nicki’s Handmade Crafts is another home-run pattern! It’s especially perfect for young students such as kindergarteners so they don’t have to lug around a backpack as big as they are! I could also see this being used as a lunch bag or purse!

Notebook Paper Blanket

This Notebook Paper Blanket by Make Way for Crochet is the perfect pairing with Ashley’s Crafty Pencil Pillow! This is such an adorable set together! I can see this being used as a nap-time set for a kindergartener or as a decorative set in a commons area!

Marker Water Bottle Holder

This Marker Water Bottle Holder is yet another genius pattern by Crystalized Designs. The cap that remains attached is such an adorable detail! It looks exactly like a chunky Crayola marker!

Tapestry Heart Pencil Case

This adorable Tapestry Heart Pencil Case by Sincerely Pam is perfect for the teenage student! When worked in this retro stripe yarn, it almost give me some Lisa Frank vibes! Any 90s kids here know what I’m talking about? You could even line it with a surprise contrasting fabric for an extra pop! If you’re not sure how to do that, check out this post on how to line a crochet bag!

Easy Peasy Desk Set

This Easy Peasy Desk Set also by Sincerely Pam is the perfect teacher gift! It can even be personalized with a monogrammed feltie or embroidered initial. I love how those pom pom paperclips fit so perfectly inside the little tray!

Pencil Water Bottle Cozy

As if the crayon and marker weren’t cute enough, this Pencil Water Bottle Cozy by Crystalized Designs is the third pattern in the trio. She really did think of everything with these water bottle holders. You could sell them as a trio set in your markets or Etsy shops!

Cross-stitched Apple Earrings

These Cross-stitched Apple Earrings by Eye Love Knots really are a great teacher’s gift! I love the little stem and leaf detail. The whole concept really is just stinking adorable the way they are attached to the earring hardware. Any teacher would love to receive these!

Pencil Chair Socks

Ok, yes! Yes to these Pencil Chair Socks by Knitting with Chopsticks. When I taught, we had just had a brand new vinyl plank floor put in, and the students’ chairs wreaked havoc on it. These socks are perfect for student chairs or the teachers’ desks or anything that will be sliding across the floor!

Crayon Pouch

This Crayon Pouch by Blackstone Designs is really adorable. I love how it cinches up and ties as a closure and the addition of the cursive fabric paint lettering is perfect! This would be cute on an art table or shelf or wherever the students need quick access to their crayons!

Journal Pen Pouch

I really really love this Journal Pen Pouch pattern by Blackstone Designs. I love how it’s attached to a strap around the cover of the journal for easy keeping. It’s perfect for the bullet journaling trend that has become so popular! I don’t get super fancy with my journal/planner, but I do use quite a few pens to keep it fun!

Clear Envelope Pouch

If you liked the Clear Window Pouch from earlier in this post, then you will also love this Clear Envelope Pouch by Blackstone Designs! I love the little button closure as well! This really is such a neat and adorable little concept of combining two different materials to create one perfect pouch!

Earbud Holder

If there’s anything I need in my life, it’s this Earbud Holder by A Crocheted Simplicity. I swear…I put my earbuds in my pocket with no tangles…pull them out later, and bam–a tangled, jumbled mess that takes an eternity to straighten out. How is it even possible? But with this adorable little pouch, that problem would cease to exist. It even has hardware attached to clip it onto a backpack or purse!

Whew! That was our biggest roundup yet! I hope that you enjoyed it and that you found some projects to make. You can check out all of the roundups that I have compiled on my blog where you can find a crochet pattern for ANY season! If you make any of these patterns, be sure to reach out to the designer and show some appreciation for her creativity!

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