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If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen a lot of posts about my 3K Giveaway going on through friday (october 13th ????). I am so thrilled to have reached such a milestone for my business. A Crafty Concept is a huge chunk of my heart, I put a lot of time and energy into growing my business, so anytime I reach a milestone whether it be on social media or in my Etsy shop I get super excited ????.

I have teamed up with 7 amazing maker friends from instagram and put together a fall-tastic giveaway for my instagram peeps. I wanted to make this post so I can introduce you to all the talented women involved, individually, so you can hear a little about them and their handmade businesses as well! I think i’ve mentioned it in nearly every blog post i’ve written,  but the maker community on Instagram is AMAZING!! When everyone is encouraging, inspiring, positive, and friendly to each other, we all thrive.

Hooked For You Crochet: Tina

Hi everyone! I am Tina, the face and maker behind Hooked For You Crochet. I am a wife and stay at home mom of two gorgeous children.. 7 & 4 years old. I started perfecting my craft after becoming a stay at home mom. Although staying at home with the kiddos was everything I had always wanted, I needed something to call my own. As time went by, I yearned to learn something new, so recently I have started to knit… and I can’t stop!! I love creating and seeing my work transform from a ball of yarn into something beautiful. I am so lucky to be surrounded by other amazing makers on Instagram. Our maker community is so encouraging and supportive.. I am so proud to be a part of it. Xoxo

You can follow Tina on Instagram here and check out her Etsy Shop here ????

I am obsessed with knit beanies.. maybe it’s because I don’t know how to knit and knitters are basically magicians. This knitted beanie is PERFECT! Each stitch is so uniform, and the beanie itself has an amazing stretch to it. The big pom pom is so fluffy and squishy, I just love everything about this beanie!!

SLP.Made: Sarah
Hi!!  I’m Sarah! The owner of SLP.made.  I’m a wife and a momma to two beautiful kids. I’ve been knitting and crocheting for 15+ years. I love making hats, cowls, mittens, kids accessories, home decor and more.  I do a lot of custom work right now and enjoy it immensely. 

You can follow Sarah on Instagram here or Facebook Here

These three pumpkins by Sarah are like crochet pumpkin goals!! The littlest one is in the color oatmeal tweed, and is about 3″ in diameter. The medium pumpkin is in the color mustard and is about 6″ in diameter. The biggest pumpkin is in the color eggplant and is about 8″ in diameter. All 3 pumpkins are so well made and the little hay bow embellishment is the perfect finish!

Enchantments By Jackie: Jackie
I am the creator behind Enchantments By Jackie. I make hand poured 100% soy wax candles and fashion jewelry. I basically love any kind of craft. I was born and raised in Indiana and am a true Hoosier (whatever that is). I live with my amazing husband and 5 dogs! In case you were curious, I have 3 pitbulls, 1 cairn terrier and 1 chiweenie. They are adorable and run our lives! I recently graduated from law school and am beginning the grueling process of studying for the bar examination.  My full-time career is in higher education as a professor and director of graduate programs.

You can follow Jackie on Instagram here or check out her Etsy shop here ????

You guys, I wish I could let you smell this candle through the internet. It smells AMAZING!!! I can’t really explain it to you other than amazing. It is an 8oz, 100% soy candle in the scent Black Flame. You have got to read Jackie’s description for this candle ???? ????????

Wolf Brand Knits: Olivia
My name is Olivia and crafting is what I was born to do, I’ve had a burning passion for working with my hands for as long as I can remember. It feels like just yesterday 8 year old me would anxiously await near the mailbox for my monthly craft kit that my sweet mother kindly bought for me. Now I’m 21, married to my high school sweetheart, blessed with a beautiful son, and finally taking the big steps to fulfill my dream, to share my works with world and bring joy to others through handmade

You can follow Olivia on Instagram here or check out her Etsy shop here ????

This beautiful triangle scarf is a very pretty shade of maroon. It is 24″ wide and 14″ tall. It has 3 trendy tassels on each point, who doesn’t love tassels?!?!

Simply Made By Erin: Erin 
Simply Made By Erin is a one women shop! I run my business out of my home in Arizona where I live with my husband and son. All items are designed, handmade, packaged, and shipped by me. I have loved handmade and DIY projects since I can remember. I would see something I liked and just knew I could make it myself. Sometimes I’d have success and other times, not so much. Crochet was just one of those things that really clicked for me. Along with making my crochet pieces look pretty, I also take great pride in the packaging. That inspired me to share my packaging designs and ideas with others, and soon my gift and product tag line came to light. My business has evolved and grown over the years, and I’m constantly creating and recreating. It has been a huge learning process, but I’m happy with the business it has become today.

You can follow Erin on Instagram here or check out her Etsy shop here  ????

This basket is AMAZING quality! It is very sturdy and well made, the crochet stitches are flawless!! It is about 8″ in diamater and 4″ tall. It is made with brown yarn that is almost like a tweed brown. It also has a really cute wooden tag with Erins business name on it that adds the perfect finishing touch!

Callie Is Crafty: Callie
Hey y’all! I’m Callie, a southern girl from a tiny town in Alabama. By day, I work as a hairstylist and momma to two sassy little girlies. I create handmade, hand-painted signs for all rooms in your home! My style is eclectic…a little bit rustic, a little bit boho, with a touch of whimsy and all the colors! All of my signs are made by me, and I never use stencils or vinyl. I’m inspired by nature and flowers, and would paint just about anything pink if I could!

You can follow Callie on Instagram here or check out her Etsy shop here ????

This sign is so pretty! It is about 10″ tall and 8″ wide. The colors are so vibrant and the lettering is so crisp! You really have to see it in person, pictures doesn’t do it justice. It also has a bracket on the back for hanging.

Summer Tails By Cait: Caitlin
Hey ya’ll! My name is Caitlin, the owner of Summer Tales by Cait. I’m from Louisiana and I love to make all kinds of things. I opened an Etsy shop last year and became a vendor at my local Farmer’s Market. God has provided for me through every step of my journey! I love custom orders because we all need stuff that’s as unique as we are right?

You can follow Caitlin on Instagram here or check out her Etsy shop here ❤

How beautiful are these bracelets?! I can’t get over the fact that they’re handmade!  The colors are so vibrant and rich, they just scream fall! My favorite though is the little tassel embellishment! This stack includes 6 bracelets.

Annnnd by process of elimination, here are the items I made/bought for the giveaway! The pumpkin pillow is about 12 inches tall and it is a burnt pumpkin color with a dark olive twirly vine hanging off. The letter board, purchased from Michael’s, is 12″by12″. It comes with 188 characters and is the perfect size for instagram photos and home decor. The Claire Bun Beanie is in the color Linen, which is my most popular item of all time in my shop. It is an adult size, fitting heads with a 21″-22″ circumference.

Each one of these women have been so generous in helping me celebrate my 3k!! I have loved getting to know them through our business and even through the giveaway itself! I hope you enjoyed “meeting” all of them and check out all their pages because they are TAL-EN-TED !! Also if you haven’t seen the 3k giveaway yet you NEED to head over to my Instgram, because as you have seen here… everything is pretty great 😉

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