How To Market Your Crochet Business in February 2021

Here are some festive trends and themes happening that you can use to market your crochet business in February. Includes free pattern suggestions.

Here are some festive trends and themes happening that you can use to market your crochet business in February. Includes free pattern suggestions.

This year I decided to share some great ways to market your Crochet Business for each month of the year! All the fun holidays I will talk about today can be found in my 2023 content calendar. If you want to grab the FREE PDF you can sign up for my newsletter and get it delivered right to your inbox 🙂

I hope to give you lots of good ideas and get those creative juices going to get started thinking about ways you can market your crochet business in February. Thinking about things that are relevant and seasonally appropriate that hopefully will get you sales/ engagement on your social media.

*Keep in mind not all the Holidays listed will fit for every business/brand. Pick the ones that speak to you and your ideal customer.*

This post may contain affiliate links meaning I may receive a small commission from purchases made at no extra cost to you.

Feb. 2nd: Ground Hog Day

If you make anything ground hog related today is the day to share all the pictures! This is a good day to get some engagement on your post. You can say “Hey did you go outside and look for your shadow today? What did you find out? More winter or is summer coming soon?” Asking questions in your post is a great way to get engagement.

Also on Feb. 2nd is World Wetlands day!

Feb. 4th: World Cancer Day

You can talk about beanies that you make, or if someone in your life is struggling with cancer or a cancer survivor this is a great day to raise awareness by sharing your story. When sharing your story your audience has the chance to connect with you.

Feb. 5th: National Weatherperson’s Day

This can be a really fun day to celebrate. I think the crafty rainbow pillows would be a fun way to celebrate & it is a free pattern friends! You can find it here!

Feb. 7th: Superbowl

If you sell any sport-themed items like headbands or hats, it would really fun to make up one item for each team playing for the Superbowl. Then ask your audience which team they think will win to get some great engagement going.

Also on Feb. 7th is National Send a Card to a friend day! I love getting cards in the mail. It would be cute to do something like every order placed this week will receive a blank card you can use to send to a friend.

Feb. 8th: National Boy Scouts Day

If you have a son or family member in Boy Scouts this will be a good time to share your story to build connections with your audience.

Feb. 9th: National Pizza Day

My daughter basically only eats pizza so she would love this day. If you have any pizza amigurumi type of items that would be a fun way to post about for the day. I also remember seeing a crochet pizza scarf a long time ago which would be a great item to share too!

Also on Feb. 9th is Safer Internet Day!

Feb. 11th: National Inventor’s Day

This is a fun one! You can talk about your favorite invention and how it changed your life. Share it with your ideal customer because if they are anything like you that invention might have changed their lives too! For example, if you are a mom and you bought a pacifier cleaner, and you sell baby items. Your ideal customer is a bunch of moms with babies to use pacifiers. This positions you to show them you are one of them, and you can get some great engagement.

Feb. 12th: Chinese New Year

If this applies to you or your business celebrate today! You can share your creations around this holiday or trips to China that you may have taken!

Feb. 13th: World Radio Day

How fun would a cute little boom box or a crocheted pair of headphones be?! You can use this day just to chat about your favorite music. Tell your audience what you like to jam out to while crocheting, and ask them what they like to listen to.

It also shows up a lot on the 13th being Galentine’s Day. So if you or your ideal customer has a lot of gal pals, celebrating this day would be great. If you sell things that would be great Galentine’s or Valentine’s Day gifts I would start promoting them in early February so people can buy them as gifts.

Feb. 14th: Valentine’s Day

Get out those Valentine’s Day colors like red, pink, and white. Pink is my favorite color so pink it up on Valentine’s Day 🙂

Feb. 15th: Presidents’ Day

Feb. 16th: Mardi Gras

If this applies to you or your business celebrate today! You can share your creations around this holiday or share stories about this holiday with your audience.

Feb. 17th: Random Act of Kindness Day

I absolutely LOVE this day! Last year me and my daughter walked around a local college and passed out some free beanies 🙂 For your business you could do something like every order placed this week will come with a free beanie and clear out your winter stock! You can talk about a random act of kindness you were the beneficiary of, like if someone paid for your coffee. Encourage your audience to participate in this holiday because we can all use a little more kindness in our lives 🙂

Feb. 18th: National Battery Day

Not entirely sure how to apply this one to the crochet social media world but I am sure some of you have some great ideas. If you have some ideas on this one leave me a comment below!

Feb. 20th: National Love Your Pet Day

If you have a pet you can share a picture of him/her. If you sell pet-related products like toys, bandannas, or little kitty cat hats this would be a great day to promote your items. Also, encourage your audience to tag you in pictures of their pets. Say something like hey I would love to see your pets, looking at pictures of pets makes my day! Then when they tag you be sure to like and comment on their photo. This will help build a relationship with your ideal customers.

Also on this day, it is World Day of Social Justice!

Feb. 21st: National Mother Language Day

If you have a cultural component to your business that would be a wonderful day to talk about different cultures or languages.

Feb. 22nd: National Wildlife Day

If you sell anything leopard print today would be the perfect day to share it. I have seen some really pretty leopard print crochet and knit beanies before, and I also have a sheet of leopard print wrap labels in my Etsy shop if you need some to wrap your wildlife makes up in, I got you!

Feb. 28th: Golden Globe Awards

You could crochet yourself a Golden Globe Trophy! Talk about your favorite celebs, awards, etc. If it applies to you or your ideal customer post about it.

Also, the 28th happens to be my birthday!! I will be 31 this year! I will be celebrating getting old on that day 😉

Love is in the air! Self Love, Love of chocolate, Soul-mate love, BFF love ALL of it! This month help your audience show love with the products you sell!

Listed below are a few of my patterns that would be great sellers this month!

Crafty Facial Rounds make great gifts for Galentines Day. You could encourage your audience to pair them with a candle and some fun body wash.

Claire Cozies would also be a great BFF gift. Pair it with a Starbucks gifts card and you’ve got a winner!

Crafty Boho Slippers make great gifts for him!

Good luck marketing your crochet business in February! I hope you have a very successful month!

Happy Crocheting


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