Best Crochet Patterns For Last-minute Christmas Gifts

Running out of time to get your orders out and make Christmas gifts for your loved ones? Here’s a list of easy crochet patterns that work up super fast!

Running out of time to get your orders out and make Christmas gifts for your loved ones? Here's a list of easy crochet patterns that work up super fast!

This time of year always flies by so fast.

We, as maker-preneurs, get so caught up in making sure our orders get out on time that we sometimes run out of time to make gifts for our loved ones!

The struggle is real sister and if that’s where you are right now, know you are not alone!

To make it a little bit easier for you, I have created a list of easy projects you should be able to crank out fairly quickly and some ideas of who might love each piece as a gift!

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Headband Earwarmer

Apparently ear warmers are all the rage this year. This pattern uses the simple lemon peel stitch and creates a fun, textured ear warmer. The pattern calls for Bernat Home Decor yarn but I like making mine with Yarn Bee Soft and Sleek from Hobby Lobby!

Who would love this headband?

  • Your kid’s teachers
  • Your secret sister at church
  • Your postal worker
  • Any girls in your family really

Crafty Loop Earrings

Yall know I had to throw this gem in the list, they work up SO FAST! Don’t need to gift earrings to anyone? Ok, I hear you, but guess what, if you just make one and put it on a keychain finding, you got yourself a stylish keychain!

Who would love a pair of earrings?

  • Your mom
  • Your mother in law
  • Your kid’s teacher
  • Your pastor’s wife
  • Your best friend

Who would love this keychain?

  • Friends at church
  • Your daughter’s cheerleading squad
  • Your kid’s classmates (they can clip them to their backpacks!)
  • Your favorite Hobby Lobby employee
  • The cashier in the drive-through at McDonald’s (you’ll make her day)
  • School bus driver

Crafty Boho Slippers

This workup faster than you may think! They use Bernat Blanket yarn which is super chunky. I wear my literally every day (I have them on right now). They are so cozy comfy and if you add puff paint to the bottom they’re slip-resistant!

This pattern is super beginner-friendly too. Erin of Ekaygdesigns’s daughter taught herself to crochet with this pattern!

Who would love a pair of slippers?

  • Your grandma
  • Your pregnant friend
  • Your dad
  • any kids in your life
  • Your college-age sibling

Claire Bun Beanie

Ah yes, the Claire Bun Beanie, my most popular piece to date. These might take a little longer than the other items on this list, but for a hat, they really do work up fast. And everyone loves this hat! If you made one for someone in your family you would probably be the favorite aunt/mom/sister for life.

I recommend Linen I Love This Yarn if you’re unsure of a color someone would like. That color is always a crowd-pleaser.

Who would love a Claire Bun Beanie?

  • Sports Players (cheerleaders, softball players, basketball players, etc)
  • Teachers
  • Women ages 20-40
  • College students (ooo in school colors!)

Crafty Facial Rounds

Ah, an oldie but goodie. I love Crafty Facial Rounds, I also use these everyday lol. You can whip up a set of these in no time! If you get caught up on the crab stitch, just do single crochets instead!

These things are so great because you just have to wet them with warm water and it will remove nearly all your makeup! And they’re washer/dryer safe…. loves me some low maintenance stuff!

Who would love a set of Crafty Facial Rounds?

  • Your eco-conscience girlfriend
  • Your mom/mother in law
  • Your church friends
  • Teachers
  • School Bus Drivers
  • The make-up obsessed diva in your family (we all have one of those)

Mini Stocking Gift Card Holder

Seriously, these cuties could be for every single person on your list, male or female! Who doesn’t love a cutely packaged gift card?!

I know you don’t need a list of people you could gift these to, but here’s a quick list of people in your life that you might not think of that would love a thoughtful $5 coffee gift card from you.

  • College Students
  • Teachers
  • Your bank teller
  • Your mailman
  • The Amazon delivery guy
  • Your pastor/pastors wife/children’s church teacher
  • The cashier at Hobby Lobby
  • A waitress
  • Neighbors

That’s all the quick crochet pattern gift ideas I have designed (so far), but don’t worry, I’ve also included a list of patterns from other designers that I think would make amazing quick gifts!!

I hope that helped you check a few people off your list. I know this time of year CAN BE stressful, just remember to breathe, take care of yourself, and have fun!!!

Happy Crocheting


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