Crafty GIFS | Pack 1

Special GIFs designed just for you, A Crafty Concept audience!

Watch this short video showing you how to use the Crafty GIFs on Instagram stories from your iPhone.

To download each GIF individually on your iPhone/iPad, tap-and-hold on the GIF, when it gets full-size, swipe it up.

That will give you the option to “Open in New Tab, Share…, Add to Reading List, Save Image, Copy.” Click “Save Image” and the GIF will be saved in your photos app on your device.

I hope you love using your new Crafty GIFs!! Thank you so much for following along with my Crafty Journey!!

You can see all the GIFs I’ve designed in my Giphy library here. Then if you download the Giphy app to your phone you can save the GIFS to your device right from the app.

I will be creating new gifts all the time! I’ve already made some Crafty Lemon Peel-O GIFs! They are available in my Giphy Library.


8 thoughts on “Crafty GIFS | Pack 1

  1. Stacy says:

    Gah! They’re here! I love these Ashley!! ???? Any tips on how to save these to android? They keep linking to Pinterest ???? Thanks!

    • Ashley says:

      Thank you! Im so glad you like them!! As far asI can tell there isn’t a way for Android users to use them yet. You can transfer them to your phone by first downloading them onto your computer but they still won’t work on IG yet. Im sure IG is working on it though and it will be available to yall eventually!

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