How To Use A Yarn Swift

A yarn swift is a great tool to have in your yarn-lovers toolbox. Here is a full product review and tutorial for how to use a yarn swift.

At the beginning of December, I created a Youtube video sharing 20 Gift Ideas for Crocheters to help our loved ones know what we would like for the holidays (or anytime as a gift!)

My Sweet Sister-In-Law watched that video and bought me the only thing on my top 20 list that I didn’t already own- A YARN SWIFT!! 🙂 I felt so loved that she watched my video, and bought me such a thoughtful gift. So shout out to Jessica, you are the best!

If you want to grab the same swift Jessica bought me you can find it here!

If you would rather catch the step by step video of this process you can find my youtube video here.

Let’s Set Up a Yarn Swift

This is the bottom of your yarn swift. It will have a C clamp, that has a twist rod at the bottom.

You will put it on your table like this. You will rotate the bottom twist rod until your C clamp section is snug around your table.

Once your swift is clamped to your table, grab your hank of yarn! This is the yarn I am using. It’s hand-dyed yarn from Sewrella Yarns.

You will untwist your hank and open it up into a circle.

Slide the little knob in the middle upward to open up your swift. Don’t fully open it just yet, open about halfway so we can wrap our yarn around it.

Once your yarn is around the top of the swift, use the middle knob to slide it upward to open the swift until your yarn is resting on it like the photo below.

Once your yarn is on, you will tighten the middle knob so the top of your swift stays in place.

Grab some scissors and cut off these little horizontal bars of yarn. These are used to keep the yarn together, so we want to cut these so we can ball up our yarn.

Now your swift is all set up and ready to use! Woohoo, you did it! 🙂 There are two ways we can use the swift, to ball your yarn or cake your yarn.

Today I am going to make mine into a yarn ball.

Creating a Yarn Ball

Start by wrapping the yarn around your 4 fingers.

After wrapping it around your fingers a few times, as shown above, you will remove your fingers and wrap the yarn around the middle of the yarn creating a little bow-like figure. Then just keep wrapping the yarn around and it will start taking shape of a ball, all the while your swift will keep spinning as your wrap! No more knots!!

That is it friends! Look how awesome your ball of yarn looks 🙂 Now I have a ball of yarn I can actually use. YAY!

I hope you guys liked this quick tutorial-product review hybrid. I am so thrilled I now have a swift and can use all the beautiful hand-dyed yarn I’ve hoarded over the years.

Until next time

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