14 Heartfelt Valentines Day Crochet Patterns That Say I Love You

Love is in the air!! How bout a fun round-up of Valentine’s Day crochet patterns to get you in the mood for all things x’s and o’s.

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”

A. A. Milne

What’s a small thing that takes up a ton of room in your heart?

Coffee. For me, it’s coffee. Also, crochet. It’s amazing how a small ball of yarn can cause my eyes to light up with a thousand ideas flashing through my mind like fireflies on a summer evening. One of those brilliant ideas then comes to fruition with the waving of my crochet hook, and just like that…a little piece of my heart materializes into a tangible item that can be shared with someone I love as a token of my feelings for them.

Hi! Sarah from A Plush Pineapple here to bring you a “love”-ly assortment of FREE Valentine’s day crochet patterns as my first roundup blog post for A Crafty Concept!

Want to share a piece of your heart this Valentine season? I have scoured the webs looking for the best and cutest crochet makes that are sure to make beautiful Valentine’s Day gifts for loved ones, friends, co-workers, teachers…you name it!

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Today, I bring you 14 Valentine’s-inspired crochet makes that will help you celebrate the day of L O V E, February 14th!

If you start now, you can make all fourteen and gift one a day starting with February 1st and ending on the 14th! Instead of 12 days of Christmas, it would be 14 days of Valentines! For me, nothing says, ” I love you” better than a gift that is…

…handmade with love!

Tunisian Heart Beanie

What better way to begin this Valentine Roundup than with a pattern from Ashley herself! This Tunisian Heart Beanie pattern is great for those who are new to Tunisian crochet as it is complete with progress photos and videos! Not to mention, the color combos are endless! A matching Mommy and Me set would be perfect for a Valentine photoshoot!

Boho Heart Crochet Coasters

Like I mentioned earlier, coffee is my love language. So what better way to enjoy my coffee than with this heart mod to my Boho Crochet Coaster pattern! Did I mention I love fringe too? So, double heart eyes for this coaster!

Heart Emoji Pillow

Let’s face it! Emojis are the new Message Hearts! Look at these adorable Heart Emoji Pillows by Rebekah of Rebekah Haas Crochet! The faces are fully customizable. They are perfect for gift-giving!

XOXO Slouch Hat

This beanie is perfect for Valentine’s Day!. The crossed double crochets combined with bobble stitches to form a XOXO effect is pure genius! This XOXO slouch pattern by Kelsie at Crafting for Weeks even includes options to use beads instead of bobbles! Now we are talking Valentine BLING!

Heart Everything Cozy

If this doesn’t scream, “I LOVE COFFEE!” then I don’t know what does! This heart edition of Kathy’s Everything Cozy pattern is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Her cozies are completely adjustable for any size cup or mug with the addition of two buttons on the back! It’s the perfect quick gift make!

Bubble Bugs

Ok, how cute are these Bubble Bugs by Ashley right here on A Crafty Concept? These would be so adorable to make for your child’s Valentine exchange at school! The post even includes a Bubble Bug Adoption Certificate download! I had to include this cutie on the Valentine’s day crochet patterns round-up!

Grab your Spinella yarn here!

C2C Heart Garland

No one does hearts better than Krystle of Heartsprinkle! Her newest technique of creating shapes with freeform C2C is amazing! Her Heart Garland pattern would look beautiful at a Valentine’s Day party or just a room decoration for a sweet little girl!

Crochet Heart Tags

Check this out! Even if you don’t have time to hand-make Valentine gifts, you can hand make the tags that go on those store-bought goodies or to add a little v day flare to your Etsy orders! These Crochet Heart Tags by Savla are the cutest idea! She even has a free printable note card download in the post!

February Sky Scarf

This February Sky Scarf by Christina is perfect for the season! This would make a great Valentine gift for a mother or friend! With incredible texture and amazing drape it’s sure to show someone you love just how much you do!

Fauxever Backpack Purse

This Fauxever Backpack Purse by Miranda at Crazy for Crochet Momma is so fluffy! The heart even doubles as a pocket! How cute is that? It’s perfect for hauling home all those Valentine sweets!

This pattern is made with Lion Brand’s Go For Faux yarn.

Cupid’s Arrows Quiver

Ok, a quiver to hold Cupid’s Arrows??? SQUEAL!!! This is so perfect for all of those little ladies-men-to-be! Just look at that heart detail! Rachel and Rebekah at Warming the Heart really slayed it with this quiver pattern! Slayed it? Arched it? Haha, I’m not sure, but the pattern is great!

Crochet Donut Keychain

Valentine’s Day is all about sweets! And what better sweet treat than a sweet frosting-covered donut? These donut keychains by Ashley here at A Crafty Concept make great quick gifts for Valentine’s Day PLUS the post even has donut-themed cards as a free download to accompany your sweet gift!

Heart Kawaii Cuddler

Donna of 3amgracedesigns has a whole line of Kawaii Cuddlers, and this heart-shaped cuddler is perfect for Valentine’s Day! This would be perfect on a college girl’s dormitory bed…or a teacher’s chair…or a friend’s porch swing…or ANYWHERE!

I Love You Scarf

Nothing says “I Love You” like this I Love You Wrap by Arunima of Knitter Knotter! Would you just look at all that gorgeous detail?! It’s a stunning masterpiece!

I hope you enjoyed this Valentine-themed pattern roundup!

If you choose to make any (or all) of these patterns, be sure to tag the designer in any pics you post! Im sure they would love to see your handy work. Big thank you to ALL the designers for providing us with these awesome designs!

You can find the links for all of these pattern roundups in one place on my blog! If you need a pattern for any season of the year, this is your one-stop shop to find your next project!

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