Scrap Yarn Christmas Ornament

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Hello November! It is officially socially acceptable to start posting about Christmas and what better way to do that than a cute, simple ornament DIY? I got the idea for these ornaments last winter when I was making my Bella Unicorn Stuffies and trimming their hair a little bit. I saw the pile of beautifully colored scrap yarn and thought huh.. unicorn hair… LIGHT BULB!!

These ornaments are so fun and the design options are endless! I love how you take yarn scraps, aka trash, and turn them into something beautiful that will be treasured for many Christmases to come.

Here is what you will need

Clear Ornament: I like the flat ones because it’s easier for me to stick the vinyl decal on, but you could use the round ones if you prefer. Be sure to get clear though and not iridescent…I made that mistake last year.
– Yarn Scraps
Vinyl Decal (or a paint pen if you would rather write your design by hand)
Transfer tape (for your vinyl decal)
– Scissors

Let’s get started!

First, you need to think about what your ornament will say then choose a yarn color combo that coordinates well. My ornament is going to say “Unicorn Hair” so I am going to stick with yarn colors that are colorful and bright.

Start separating out the yarn scraps you need in the color scheme you just chose.

Take the metal cap off the top of your ornament by giving it a little pull, then start filling your ornament up with your scrap yarn. I like for mine to be pretty full.

After you finish filling your ornament with yarn scraps, put the cap back on to secure your yarn. You can use some glue here if you want but I don’t think its necessary, yarn isn’t very heavy.

Now it’s time to put on your vinyl decal. If you don’t have a way to make your own decal, you can purchase them through A BUNCH of different shops on Etsy! Or you can just use a paint pen and write your design yourself!

I designed my vinyl decal on Canva and cut it out with my Cricut. (This is not a Cricut  tutorial, but if you need help cutting vinyl with your Cricut here is a great YouTube video)

After you cut out your decal, apply your transfer tape and lift it off the backing, then place it on your ornament. You may want to run a credit card over the decal to help it stick to the ornament. Carefully remove the transfer tape.

Now you have a super cute, eco-friendly, HANDMADE ornament! You could sell these in your Etsy shop, use them for your tree, or give them as gifts to your loved ones this holiday season! The color combos and vinyl decal options are ENDLESS!

I hope you loved this tutorial. If you make a scrap yarn Christmas ornaments please tag me on any social media pics you share, I would LOVE to see your finished ornaments and hear about how you will be using them! I want to apologize for neglecting my blog, it is BEANIE SEASON here at A Crafty Concept and my Etsy orders are taking all my time and energy. Next year I will plan ahead better I promise 😉

Here is a list of “ornament inspiration” to help get your creative juices flowing!
– Monogrammed ornament with traditional Christmassy themed colors
– “The (Enter Last Name)” with colors matching the Christmas tree’s theme
– Rainbow Baby ornament with ROYGBIV color scrap yarn (you could also do a monogram here for a rainbow baby you might know)
– Mermaid Hair with colorful yarn

– Mrs. Last Name with pencil color yarn scraps (yellow, black, gray, linen, pink)
– Merry Christmas with Christmas color yarn scraps (red, green white)

– Sports themed with team name and team color yarn

– Initial Ornaments

– “Let it snow” with white yarn scraps
-“Joy, Believe, Peace, Love” ornaments
– New baby ornaments with pink or blue yarn scraps
– Paw print decal with family pet name

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