Crafty Boho Earrings – Variation 2

This variation is just slightly different from the original pattern and was created for super fine weight yarn that is on the thinner side of the spectrum.

Introduction: The Crafty Boho Earrings pattern was designed after my Crafty Boho Wall Hanger pattern (there’s also a matching Crafty Boho Rug pattern and Crafty Boho Pillow pattern!). These earrings are fabulous, you’ll need a pair in every color!! 

Finished Dimensions: 4cm in diameter (not including fringe) 

Materials: (with affiliate links)

2.25mm Crochet Hook
40mm Hoop Earring Findings
Fish Hook Earring Findings
Super Fine Fingering Weight Yarn
Round Nose Pliers
Tapestry Needle

Stitch Key (US Terms) 

SC = Single Crochet

CH = Chain

YO= Yarn Over

INC= Increase – Put two stitches in the same space. (In this case, it will be two SC stitches.)

SL ST= Slip Stitch

*= To Be Repeated 

Special Stitches

Bobble: *YO, Insert hook into stitch and pull up a loop , YO and pull through 2 loops on your hook* Repeat 3 more times. Now you should have 5 loops on your hook. YO and pull through all 5 loops on your hook. (do not chain after this, just go straight into your next stitch)  

Magic Circle: If you are unfamiliar with the Magic Circle/Ring method you are welcome to chain 3, join, and crochet in the circle you created. If you would like to learn how to crochet the Magic Circle here is an awesome video tutorial. 

????Before you start ????

While I was designing this pattern, I quickly learned not all super fine weight yarn is created equal. I made a few pairs with Woolike yarn from Michaels and the beige color worked perfectly, but the olive was just slightly thicker. This made the finished earring be super floppy so I had to adjust the pattern. This pattern is for the SLIGHTLY THICKER versions of super fine weight yarn.

If you find a thinner super fine weight yarn you want to use,  please refer to the second pattern PDF you got with this download. 

It’s made the same way as this pattern, but you start with 2 more stitches in the magic circle which results in 2 more stitches in every row. If you are experienced in crochet, you should be able to adjust the pattern yourself. But for my beginner friends, who need explicit, step-by-step instructions, I got you.

Warning- there’s no pictures, only this version of the pattern has pictures. 

Crafty Boho Earrings | Free Crochet Pattern

Row 1: SC 14 into the center of a magic circle. Join into the top of the first SC, CH 1. Turn your work. (14)

Row 2: *BOBBLE, SC* around. Join back into the first SC, CH 1, turn. (14)

Row 3: *INC, SC* around. Join back into the first SC, CH 1. (21)

Row 4: SC around. Join back into the first SC, CH 1. Turn your work. (21)

Row 5: *BOBBLE, SC* around. Join back into the first SC, CH 1, turn. (21)

For row 6, we will be working around our hoop earring finding. If you need help with this part, refer to the accompanying video. 

Row 6: *INC, SC* around. Join back into the first SC, tie off. (32)

Sew in your tails.

Attaching Fish Hook

To attach your fish hook earring finding to your hoop, using your pliers, gently pry open the ring at the bottom or your fish hook. 

Insert the earring hoop onto the opening you just made, making sure the front is facing forward. 

Using your pilers again, pinch the ring at the bottom of your fish hook closed again. 


To make the fringe, I like to use a makeshift template (a piece of cardboard works perfectly), wrap my yarn around the template multiple times, then cut it all at once. 

This is much faster than trying to measure and cut each piece of fringe individually. 

Pro Tip: You could get fancy and use embroidery thread for the fringe to give your finished Crafty Boho Earrings a more textured look. I like to separate each strand of embroidery thread fringe with a tiny-toothed comb for a super boho look! 

Attach fringe pieces in each stitch across the bottom of your earring. 

For a fuller look, I attached one fringe piece in the first stitch, then two fringe pieces in the second stitch and repeated that across the bottom. 

To attach fringe, fold your fringe yarn in half, insert your hook into the stitch from the back of your earring, grab the center of the fringe yarn (where its folded) and pull it through the stitch (this creates a loop on your hook). 

Grab the fringe yarn with your hook and pull it through the loop. Repeat as desired. 

Trim any stragglers (this is where a nice sharp pair of scissors come in handy). 

Repeat the whole process for your second earring and, TADA!!! You now have a rockin’ pair of Crafty Boho Earrings!! 

Something I love about this pattern is the color combo options are endless! I love the two tone look where the fringe is a different color from the body. 

You guys are so stinking creative, I know you will come up with your own ideas and totally blow my socks off. I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THEM! Be sure to tag me @ACraftyConcept on social media so I can see, and share them on my platforms! You can also use the #CraftyBohoEarrings so they will all be in one place. 

Happy Crocheting

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