Yarn Review- Trying Colorful Hobbii Yarn For The First Time

Are you curious about Hobbii Yarn? Here is a full yarn review on 3 kinds of Hobbii yarn, my thoughts, and which one I liked best.

This is my first time ever using Hobbii Yarn! They reached out to me asking if I wanted to be a part of their #noshadesofgrey campaign, I immediately said yes! The whole concept behind this campaign is to push away those winter blues with beautiful colorful yarn to brighten up your space!

I was lucky enough to get my hands on 3 different kinds of yarn from Hobbii and friends they did NOT disappoint!

First up in this Hobbii yarn review is their Bungee Mini yarn. It is 42% cotton, 58% polyester, and a size 7 yarn. Color is “9”, and I would say it’s a mix between seafoam and sage. I will call it sea green! The official color name is “Dusty Green”

I knew immediately which pattern I wanted to whip up using this beautiful yarn, and that is my free Nesting Baskets Pattern!

This yarn worked up like a dream! It was so resilient and squishy!! It kinda had a bounce to it.

The stitch definition is absolutely beautiful! This nesting basket pattern called for the “knit stitch” or “waistcoat stitch” and this yarn was made for this stitch! It looks beautiful worked up.

The small-sized basket used only 1 skein of this yarn! I got really close to losing at yarn chicken but I made it with a tiny bit to spare!

All the colors that I got from Hobbii are really saturated which I think makes them really pop in videos and photos.

I did notice when making the bigger basket with the Bungee yarn when I got to the end of a skein, instead of knotting ends together they sewed them together.

Hobbii Bungee mini color 13

For me, this part ended up being in a stitch on the inside of my basket that was hidden, but this is just something you want to look out for when using this yarn, you might have a section like this you need to hide in your work.

Hobbii Bungee mini color 13

This was my next color. This is a gorgeous cranberry color, it is #13 on the Hobbii website and its official name is “Marsala”. I used this one for the largest size in my nesting basket pattern.

The baskets I made with this Bungee yarn really POP! Here is a picture I snapped of them, there is no photo editing or anything!

To make the biggest basket, it took 3 balls of the Bungee yarn to complete.

The third and final color I got in the Bungee yarn is their color #5 which is this beautiful pink!

I used this color to make my medium-sized basket. This is a really soft gentle pink. It took 2 skeins to make the medium size, I forgot to mention that in the video!

Now let’s check out the other yarn I got!

Amigo XL yarn is 100% Acrylic yarn. Size 4 worsted yarn, which is the size of yarn I typically use!

The color is a beautiful deep mustard, it is #38 on the Hobbii website and it is called “Curry”.

The yarn has a little sheen to it, so it is a little shiny or glossy looking.

It is very very soft and squishy! I loved working with this yarn.

I decided to crank out a Claire Bun Beanie.

Claire Bun Beanie Free Crochet Pattern by A Crafty Concept

I loved how it worked up, but it did turn out a bit smaller than normal. If you are a seasoned crocheter you know that not all size 4 yarns are the same.

Since this one turned out a little too small for me I was able to give it to my daughter!

It took about 2 balls of Amigo XL yarn to create the beanie and I had about 40 grams of yarn leftover.

Last but not least we have the 3rd style of yarn from Hobbii!

Their Fluffy Day yarn. This is 100% brushed acrylic yarn, size 4 worsted.

It is color #15 on the Hobbii website and the name is “Bright Pink”. It is a very hot magenta color in person.

I decided to make my Addi Bear pattern with this fluffy goodness!

This yarn worked great in my Addi machine! I did forget to grab another color to make the nose for the bear, but this is how it turned out.

I love the soft touch to this yarn, and the stitch definition is stunning!

All three yarns were a pleasure to work with! If I had to pick a favorite I would go with the Bungee yarn! I love that it is a tube yarn, that it’s huge and makes the perfect basket!

I can’t stress enough how beautiful the colors are! Really rich gorgeous colors.

I hope you enjoyed my yarn review, and if you try any of these Hobbii yarns let me know what you think of them!

If you want to see the full video of this yarn review you can check that out on my Youtube channel!

Happy crocheting friends!


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