How to Make Addi Bear Lovey- Free Addie Tutorial

Learn how to make this adorable knit bear lovely using a knitting machine and a crochet hook! Free Crochet and knit hybrid.

Welcome back to the A Crafty Concept blog! I have a fun new design for you guys today. Allow me to introduce to you the Addi Bear!

This is a knit bear lovey made mostly on the Addi Express Kingsize knitting machine, with a few crochet pieces thrown in. It’s very much a knit/crochet hybrid situation.

These cuties were inspired by a mass-produced lovey I saw in a local flower shop while buying flowers for my friend for her first day back to work after becoming a mama!

If you are able, I would highly suggest watching the Youtube video that goes with this pattern. Im much better at teaching through video than I am in the written word, but I’m going to do my best here on the blog as well.

I do a lot of chatting in the video, explaining a little of “why” we are doing some of the things we do throughout this pattern, and letting you see a little bit of my thought process as we go.

This post may contain affiliate links meaning I may receive a small commission from purchases made at no extra cost to you.

But for those of you who aren’t here for the chitchat and are all business (I love you btw), I have time-stamped the video for you with all the important parts so you can skip around accordingly.

Video Time Stamp
00:00 | Welcome
01:56 | Materials
05:00 | Inner Head
10:31 | Starting Body
11:56 | Pull Yarn
13:21 | Finish Body
14:51 | Waste Yarn
15:37 | Casting Off
16:34 | Seeming Bottom
20:22 | Clinching Neck
21:40 | Stuffing and inserting Inner Head
32:23 | Arms
36:50| Ears
40:00 | Attaching Arms
47:30 | Snout
51:33 | Attaching Snout
55:09 | Embroider Nose Face
1:05:00 | Attaching Ears
1:08:00 | Attaching Tag and Fur Yarn Tips

I wanted to know that these guys work up SUPER CUTE if you use furry yarn. But it’s much more difficult. I go over lots of tips/tricks for how to make it with furry yarn in the video for anyone who’s interested.

I highly suggest making one (or two) Addi bear lovies using worsted weight before trying to venture into faux fur yarns. This way you can get familiar with the design before trying to do it without being able to see your stitches.

If you would like to support my shop by punching the Ad-free pdf version of this pattern you can find it here for $3.00. Purchase includes a fully photographed version and a printer-friendly version.

If you have never used your Addi before and this is your very first time, I would suggest watching a video by my friend Taylor first. She does a really good job at explaining all the steps for using a knitting machine for the first time.

Here’s what you will need to make your own Addi Bear.


– Worsted weight yarn. Im using Yarn Bee Soft and Sleek from Hobby Lobby in the color Brownie.
– Scrap yarn for the snout, nose and eyes of your Addi Bear.
– Addi Express Kingsize knitting machine
H Crochet Hook
2 Stitch Markers
Tapestry Needle
Logo Tag (optional)
22mm Noise Maker Insert (optional)

If you have been doing this for a while and are ready to try a faux fur option here are my favorites.

Red Heart Hyggee Fur
Fable Fur by We Crochet
Go For Faux by Lionbrand
Fur The Moment Yarn by Hobby Lobby

Addi Bear Pattern

Inner Head

We’re going to start by making the inner head portion of your Addi Bear Lovey.

No waste yarn for this part.

Cast on your yarn, crank out 16 rows, then cast off by using a tapestry needle and picking up each stitch at a time to take it off the machine.

I show you how to cast off in the video if you need further instruction.

Pull closed your first tail then use your tapestry needle to completely close and secure it.

Start to gently pull your second tail, slowly closing the top hole.

Stuff with polyfill and your noisemaker and continue closing the rest of the way. Use a tapestry needle again to fully close and secure the second hole.

Tie off and hide your tails inside of your head.

Set this aside, we will use it again after making the body of the bear.

Addi Bear Body

Ok now we are going to make the body of our Addi Bear.

Before starting, cut off a very long piece of your body color yarn. Like 2-3ft long. This is going to be used for something I’m calling “pull yarn”

Cast on again with your same yarn and crank 16 rows. Do not cut your yarn.

This will be the outer head portion of your Addi Bear.

This next part is tricky, there’s a good chance I completely made this technique up lol, so if it’s confusing please refer to the video.

Once you get to the end of row 16 and your black Addi needle is sticking up, take your working yarn and put it to the center of your machine.

Grab your “pull yarn” and do one full row using the “pull yarn” instead of your working yarn. Kinda like making a stripe with your “pull yarn”.

Switch back to your main working yarn, leaving the tails of your “pull yarn” do dangle in the center of your work.

Crank out 43 more rows of the body of your bear.

End by cranking a few rows of waste yarn in a contrasting color then cast off.

Seeming up the bottom of your bear body

Place a stitch marker in the very last loop made before you switched to your waste yarn.

Go ahead and make sure your body color tail isn’t tucked into your work and is hanging on the outside. You will need this here in a bit.

Starting from your first loop before your waste yarn row, count over 23 stitches. Place another stitch marker there.

This will be the front half of our bear body.

Insert your crochet hook into the loop with the 2nd stitch marker, grab the loop directly next to it, and pull through.

Insert your hook into the next stitch beside the stitch marker (this is on the front side of your bear body now) and pull through.

Continue pulling through loops, alternating between the back half and front half, until you are all the way across the bottom of your bear.

The place where you put your first stitch marker will be your very last stitch.

Secure your work by pulling your tail through the last loop on your hook.

Now you can remove your waste yarn.

Now its time to create the neck of your Addi Bear.

Grab your “pull yarn” tails and gently pull them tight.

Insert your “inner head” then clinch the second head hole by gently pulling the tail.

Close the hole with your tapestry needle, tie off and hide your tail inside the head.

Hid the tail at the bottom of your Addi bear into the body between the front and back panels.

Arms– Make 2

Using your H crochet hook and your body color yarn.

Create a magic circle and CH 1.

Round 1: SC 6 into the center of your magic circle. Pull the circle closed.

Pro Tip: Use a stitch marker here if you need to

Round 2: SC INC in each stitch around (12)

Rounds 3: SC in each stitch around (12)

Sew in your first tail, securing your magic circle.

Rounds 4-15: SC in each stitch around (12)

Cut yarn leaving a long tail for attaching your arm to your Addi Bear.

Ears- Make 2

Using your H crochet hook and your body color yarn.

Create a magic circle and CH 1.

Round 1: SC 7 into the center of your magic circle. Pull the circle closed.

Round 2: SC INC in each stitch around (14)

Rounds 3-4: SC in each stitch around (14)

Sew in your tail and secure your magic circle.

Round 5: SC DEC over the first 2 stitches. SC in the next 3 stitches. SC DEC over the next two stitches. SC in the next 3 stitches. SC DEC over the next two stitches. SC in the last 2 stitches (11)

Cut yarn leaving a long tail for attaching your ear to your Addi Bear.


Using your H Hook and Snout color yarn

Create a magic circle and CH 1.

Row 1: SC 8 into your magic circle. Join into the top of your first SC. CH 1.

Row 2: SC INC in each stitch around (16) Join into the top of your first SC. CH 1.

Row 3: *SC in the first stitch, SC INC in the next * Repeat that around for a total of 7 times. (24) Join into the top of your first SC.

Tie off leaving a long tail for sewing your snout onto your Addi Bear. Sew in your first tail.

Addi Bear Assembly

I go over this in detail in the video that goes with this pattern.

I like to start with my arms. Line your arms up on each side of your Addi Bear and sew them on using a tapestry needle.

After the arms, we attach the snout.

Using sewing pins, line your snout up on your bear face where you want it to go. Remove the pins as you go.

Using the whip stitch and your tapestry needle so on your snout.

Tie off and hid your tail inside the head of your body.

Now lets embroider the nose.

Grabbing your scrap nose color yarn and a tapestry needle.

Insert your needle in the head of your bear and pop it out where you want the bottom tip of your nose to go.

Insert your needle into the top right corner of your Addi Bear nose and pop out where you want the top left corner to be.

Continue going into the tip of your bear nose and popping out where you want the next strand to lay until your entire nose is created. Again, I show this in detail in the video that goes with this pattern.

Tie off and hide your tail inside your bear head.

Eyes and mouth

Embroider the eyes and the mouth using the same method as the nose.

Tie off and hide your tails inside your bear head.


Using your pins again, begin placing your ears onto your bear head where you think they need to go.

Make any necessary adjustments until you are happy with the placement of your ears, then sew them on with your tapestry needle.

Tie off and hide your tails into the head of your Addi Bear.

Tag- Optional

Last but not least, sew on your logo tag if you would like. Mine is 1.25″ and I get them from Angie and Britt.

Now you have an adorable, squishy Addie Bear that is ready to be listed in your Etsy shop! Or gifted! I think these would make beautiful baby shower gifts or one-year-old birthday presents!

I hope you guys loved this pattern! If you want to try your hand at faux fur yarn I highly suggest watching the video that goes with this pattern. I give lots of direction/advice/tips/tricks at the very end of the video.

Don’t get frustrated if you try it with faux fur yarn and can’t get it right on the first try. It’s pretty tricky. But you can totally do it!

Please tag me in your pics online they literally make me so happy to see them! I am @ACraftyConcept everywhere.

Happy Crocheting
❤️ Ashley

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