Debrosse MasterClass- Game Changing Class for Handmade Businesses

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The Debrosse MasterClass is an amazing investment if you are wanting to turn your hobby into a business or take your current business to the next level. Teresa is so knowledgeable about product photography, graphic design, shopping wholesale, Etsy and how to have a successful knitwear business. In this class, T shares all her knowledge with us in a very practical, tangible and easy to understand manner and she does it while talking like she is sitting across the table from you, sipping a cup of coffee. There are so many reasons why this class is a must-have for anyone wanting to start/run a knitwear business, whether that be selling your finished pieces or selling original patterns. I am going to break down what you can expect from the Debrosse MasterClass, highlight all the reasons why I think the Debrosse Master Class is a great investment, and how I have benefited from purchasing it. 

Teresa is just awesome

First, I want to talk about just how great T is. I think it’s very important who we put our faith in when regarding our businesses. The people we look up to or turn to for advice help shape our over all brand without us even realizing it. Teresa is very positive, encouraging, uplifting, and energetic. Throughout the MasterClass she tells us what has worked for her, what she has avoided, and the outcomes of years of trail and error running a knitwear business. She does all this in a positive light, without any malice, political views, or negative undertones. This is so important because if you are constantly listening to someone who is negative, and they’re complaining, and they keep telling you what NOT to do, that attitude will start to sink into your head and your business, and that’s not what any of us want. T never says “the way you are doing it now is wrong and you are hurting yourself and others in the handmade community”. She never belittles or puts us down at all, instead she encourages us by explaining why she does things the way she does and by giving us actual steps you can take right now to better your business. 

So much information is covered

There are currently 4 main sections to the Debrosse MasterClass and each one is very detailed. I say “currently” because she is always adding things to it! She breaks everything down, step by step, in regular everyday words. She also includes resources to further your research or just to make understanding easier such as comparison charts and websites you might find helpful. Here is a little bit about each section. 

Preparing– she talks about setting goals for your business, knowing which platforms are best for you and gives you valuable information on sourcing your materials (I’m talking actual human contact info)

Building– This is where she goes over how to price your items (she even includes a pricing calculator that is unique to each person and not a generic calculator that is supposed to be right for everyone), how to set up your product listings, how to create and execute your own unique brand and UNBELIEVABLE photography tips. She literally explains exactly how she sets up her photos, the tools she uses (with links), and walks you through how she edits them. Some of the resources she mentions are paid versions, but she also links a comparable free version as well!

Executing– In this section she talks about shipping (again with step by step instructions), packaging your finished pieces to be both professional and “on brand”, organization (seriously have you seen her apartment? She is the Queen of organization), real life examples of amazing customer service and her thought process behind it, how to deal with copying in the maker community and she touches on taxes for small businesses. 

Growing– Lastly, Terese goes into great detail how to grow your business (we all want that), she touches on selling patterns, killing it on Instagram, planning and execution of such plans, a very informative Q & A with other leaders of our industry, and some gorgeous tips/product suggestions for markets! No joke, her market setup is #goals.

Invaluable resources

There are almost too many resources in this MasterClass to count. If graphic design is not your strong suite, this class is going to rock your world. She includes easy to use templates for everything you could possibly need while running your knitwear business, like color charts, market signage and templates to help you succeed on Etsy. She provides screenshots of her actual stats, shows how her business has changed over the years and explains all the steps she took when making changes that made her business explode. 

Not only do you get all these amazing resources, but by the time you are finished reading it you will also feel has if you have an amazing business guru bestie you can turn to when you get stuck. Teresa is so personable, transparent and kind, she’s seriously a secret weapon in herself alone. 

I can’t say enough nice things about this class, I am a firm believer in you have to invest in yourself and your business financially if you want to be successful. The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to invest in your business and get started on a fresh new foot. You will finish this class feeling organized, prepared and ready to kill it in 2019! 

If you want to purchase the Debrosse MasterClass and start improving your business from the inside out, you can purchase the class HERE and use the coupon code CRAFTY25 to get $25.00 off your purchase. Thank you so much for taking the time to hear what I have to say about this class. It is truly a great investment that gives you a huge bang for your buck, I am going to keep rereading this thing until my business is rock solid. I am very excited for the things to come in 2019 thanks to what I’ve learned, and the tools/resources I’ve acquired, through the Debrosse MasterClass

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  1. Christy Freed says:

    Hi Ashley! I’m planning to purchase is January. Will the coupon still be good the first week of January? I’ve been saving for it all year. My Etsy shop doubled in sales in 2018, just by joining Instagram and making new connections! I’m super grateful to have met you on IG. You are such an inspiration to me!

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