Crochet Pumpkin Pattern

With Fall in full swing and everything pumpkin flooding social media, I have been getting a lot of requests for a crochet pumpkin pattern over on Instagram. (BTW I love getting requests from you guys!)

These little cuties are super easy to make, and the pattern is simple to adjust if you want to make a pumpkin that is bigger or smaller than the size provided in this pattern. This pattern will make a pumpkin that is about 6 inches in diameter, and nearly 3 inches tall. Here is what you will need.

Mermaid hook by Harper Baby Shop

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– 3 oz Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick (Mine is in the color Wheat)
– K Crochet Hook (this size hook will make for very tight stitches with this yarn)
– Large Tapestry Needle
– Hot Glue Gun/Glue
– Stick (mine is about 1.5″ tall and .5″ in diameter)

Skill Level
This is a beginner level pattern, assuming you are familiar with crochet. If there is a technique you are unfamiliar with, I have provided links to YouTube videos for each technique used, for your convenience.

US Terms
SC- Single Crochet
INC- Single Crochet Increase (two SC in the same stitch)
DEC- Decrease (in this case a single crochet invisible decrease)
CH- Chain
*-To be repeated

Row 1: SC 10 in a magic circle . Join back into your first SC and CH 1 (We do not turn our work throughout this entire pattern) (10)

Row 2: INC in each stitch around. Join back into your first SC and CH 1. (20)

Row 3: *SC, INC* 10 times. Join back into your first SC and CH 1 (30)

Row 4: *SC, SC, INC* 10 times. Join back into your first SC and CH 1 (40)

Rows 5-11: SC 40 around. Join back into your first SC and CH 1 (40)

Row 12: *SC, SC, DEC* 10 times. Join back into your first SC and CH 1 (30)

Sew in your tail from row 1 and stuff your pumpkin now

Row 13: *SC, DEC* 10 times, Join back into your first SC and CH 1 (20)

Add any more polyfill if necessary. 

Row 14: Invisible DEC over the next 20 stitches (10) Tie off leaving a tail about 3 ft long. (You will need the long tail when creating the “sections/bumps” of your pumpkin.)

Thread your 3 ft tail on your large tapestry needle, and  close the hole on the top of your pumpkin, but do not cut your tail.

With your tapestry needle still threaded on your tail, insert your needle across the hole you just closed up and push it through to the bottom of your pumpkin.  Pull tight. Then insert your hook across the hole on the bottom of your pumpkin (where your magic circle was in row 1) and back up through the top of your pumpkin. Pull very tight, squishing the pumpkin in the center. (Repeat if necessary) 

To create the sections/bumps of your pumpkin, go around the body of your pumpkin and insert your needle back into the bottom, and pull through to the top. You should have a section of your tail yarn hugging the outside of your pumpkin. Pull tight and the pumpkin will begin to squish, creating bumps on both sides of your yarn.

Repeat this process until you have your desired amount of sections/bumps then tie off.

Hot glue a stick in the center of your pumpkin for the stem and you just finished an adorable chunky crochet pumpkin! You can also get real fancy here and tie some cute twine or ribbon around the stick stem!  If you wanted to make the pumpkin more kid-friendly, you could crochet, stuff and attach a stem instead of hot gluing a stick.

I hope you loved this pattern and enjoy making lots of crochet pumpkins for your home, Etsy shop, gifts or however else you plan on using them 😀 Please post a link to this pattern, if you share pics of your finished pumpkins, so other makers can enjoy it as well. Also feel free to tag me because I would love to see your finished pumpkins!

If you wanted to adjust this pattern you could always drop down a few hook sizes and use a smaller yarn, or you can change the number of increase rows (example: only increase to 30, then repeat rows of 30, until you get the desired size, instead of 40 like in this pattern.)

➰ Happy Crocheting ➰

❤ Ashley

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