How to Crochet Mini Cactus Keychain- Free Crochet Pattern

Follow this easy crochet Mini Cactus Keychain Pattern to create a fun accessory to clip onto your bag, purse, or keys! Find the Free Crochet Pattern Below.

Everyone give a big welcome to this month’s guest poster Claire of Claire’s Made It! She designed this extremely cute mini cactus keychain pattern!

“This little cactus may look familiar to you! Ashley has kindly given me permission to create and share with you a mini version of her Cactus Pillow. You could use this mini cactus as a keychain or decoration and it’s a great quick make for gifting. The construction and bobbles are very similar to Ashley’s original pattern, but I have constructed the arms a little differently – mainly so that there are fewer ends to sew in. Hurrah for that! I hope you like it!”





You can find the link to the paid PDF version of the pattern here.

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Want to make the Cactus Pillow? You can find the free pattern on my blog!

Mini Cactus Keychain Materials


3.5mm hook


10-20g of light (weight #3) for cactus body – I used Bernat Softee Baby in Soft Fern

1-2g of light (weight #3) for flower – I used Bernat Softee Baby in Buttercup


Handful of polyfill stuffing

Needle (for weaving ends)


Keychain fastening

Stitch Key (US Terms)

ch – chain

sc – single crochet

hdc – half double crochet

dc – double crochet

sl – slip stitch

inc – two single crochet in same stitch

dec – two single crochet worked together

bobble – this pattern uses a 4 dc bobble stitch ([yarn over, insert hook into stitch and pull up a loop, yarn over and pull through 2 of the loops on your hook] Repeat 3 more times. Now you should have 5 loops on your hook. Yarn over and pull through all 5 loops on your hook (do not chain after this, just go straight into your next stitch).

[You can find a step by step video tutorial for my Cactus Pillow that will help you with the bobble stitch!]


Not important for this pattern. The cactus in the photo, using the materials listed, is approx 4 inches tall. 

Crochet Mini Cactus Keychain Instructions


Start with a slip knot, ch 17 (not too tight!) 

ROW 1: Flip your chain and work into the back bumps (skip the first one closest to your hook): sc 15, 6 sc into the last stitch, then sc 15 back along the other side of your starting chain, ch 1 and turn (36 sc)

ROW 2: sc 15, [inc] x 6, sc 15, ch 1 and turn (42 sc)

ROW 3: [sc in first stitch, bobble in the next] x 20, 2 sc to end of row, ch 1 and turn

ROW 4: 15 sc, [inc, sc] x 6, 15 sc, ch 1 and turn (48 sc)

ROW 5: 5 sc, then work first arm across the next 4 stitches as follows:

[hdc, hdc, sc, sl, ch 1 turn

sl, sc, hdc, hdc, ch 1 turn] repeat 4 times (8 arm rows)

dec twice (along top of the arm) and work 4 sc into the short side of the arm. 

Continue round body with 25 sc, then work second arm as follows:

[sl, sc, hdc, hdc, ch 1 turn 

hdc, hdc, sc, sl, ch 1 turn] repeat 4 times (8 arm rows). 2 dec (along top of the arm) and work 8 sc into the long side of the arm. Continue round body with 10 sc. Fasten off and sew in ends.


Repeat instructions for the front but instead of the bobbles on row 3, just sc all the way round then continue with rows 4 and 5. Don’t fasten off at the end, keep the active loop ready for joining. Line up the front and back ready for joining, (make sure the arms are matching, the bobbles are facing the outside and sew in the starting end from the back piece).

sc all the way round to join, pause to stuff before closing the final straight edge with sc along the bottom of the cactus. Fasten off and sew in ends.


Starting with a magic circle (alternatively ch 2 and work in the 2nd ch from the hook)

ROW 1: sc 6 into circle, join with sl to first stitch

ROW 2: ch3, 4 dc (into the same stitch you sl joined to). Remove your hook and insert into the top of the chain 3, put the active loop back onto your hook and pull through to form a petal. ch1

5dc in next stitch, remove your hook and insert into the top of the first dc, put the active loop back onto your hook and pull through to form a petal. ch1

Repeat the 5dc petal 4 more times until you have 6 petals in total, join to the ch3 of the first petal with a sl stitch and you have completed the flower! 

Fasten off, leave a long tail to sew the flower onto your cactus. Attach a keychain or chain stitch a little a hanging loop if you like. Finally, sit back and admire how cute your little cactus is!

Huge thanks to Claire for sharing this wonderful pattern! Be sure to tag @ACraftyConcept and @clairesmadeit on Instagram so we can see all your mini cactus keychain projects!

We hope you enjoyed the crochet mini cactus keychain pattern! Be sure to come back to check out all the free patterns on the blog and for future guest designers 🙂

5 thoughts on “How to Crochet Mini Cactus Keychain- Free Crochet Pattern

  1. Linda says:

    I am confused on the sc 15 (increase) x 6. Does this mean do 6 increases spread out over the 15 stitches? Or over both sets of 15.?

  2. Stephanie says:

    It means that you do 15 sc, then increase over the next 6 stitches (12) then do 15 more sc down the other side, hope this helps. It will be the same when you get to row 4 (Inc, sc) x 6 so you would end up with 18 before you go down the other side.

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