How To Easily Add Photos To A PDF On A Mac – Useful Tech Tip

Every Wednesday, for the past year, I have sent out a free PDF sheet of “Handmade with Love” wrap labels to my newsletter subscribers for Wrap Label Wednesday!

I love providing these sheets so everyone can have a fun, creative way to package their handmade items either to be sold in their shops or to be gifted to loved ones!

Since it’s been, somewhere close to a year, I thought it would be a good time to show you guys how to take the wrap labels you’ve been collecting and add YOUR BUSINESS LOGO to them!

Don’t have a business logo? Through this easy tutorial, you will also learn how to change the text on PDFs! So if you don’t like the “Handmade with Love” phrase and would prefer “Handmade for you”, you will be able to quickly change them!

You are going to be amazed at how easy this is, and this will be a serious packaging game changer for my fellow business owners. You will be able to start packing your handmade items with your own branding, making your pieces more memorable and growing your business!

Here’s what you will need to follow this tutorial

– A Mac computer. Unfortunately, I do not have a PC and can not speak to how to edit PDFs on those devices. But if you are a Mac person, this will show you step by step how to edit PDFs on a Mac.

– “Handmade with Love” wrap labels PDF. If you are not currently subscribed to my newsletter you can subscribe here and instantly recieve a free sheet of wrap labels in your welcome email, and you will also start getting the free sheets weekly! Or you can browse my shop for over 30 different packs of wrap labels for just 1.05 each.

– A Logo. This is optional of course. If you don’t have a logo you can still change the words on the wrap labels to be more branded or customized for your specific needs. But if you do want to add your logo, it works best with a PNG file that has a transparent background.

Tip: If you find a graphic designer to create a logo for you, just tell them you will need a png version with a transparent background and they will know what you’re talking about.

DIY logo tip: If you want to make your own logo, I have a tutorial showing how to navigate the free design site Canva. I use Canva for all my graphic designing! If you splurge and purchase Canva Pro (previously called Canva for Work) you will unlock the option to save your files as a PNG with a transparent background.

You can watch the full video tutorial here, or scroll down for the written instructions (with pictures of course). If you are currently using an ad-blocker you won’t be able to see the video window. Just pause your ad-blocker if you want to watch the video.

How To Easily Add Photos To A PDF On A Mac

Step 1: Open wrap label PDF with Preview on your Mac. My computer automatically opens PDFs up in preview when I double click on them.

Step 2: Click and drag the first sheet of the PDF onto your desktop so it is its own file, then open it with Preview by double-clicking. If the PDF you opened is just one sheet, you can skip this step.

Step 3: Click the button in the top right corner that looks like a pen tip inside of a circle. This is the Markup Toolbar and will give you some editing options.

Step 5: Click the square and circle button, then select the circle shape.

Step 6: This should give you a solid white oval shape. If you get a different oval/circle shape, you can customize it by Using the two square buttons in the top right side. The open square changes the outline, the full square changes the fill color. You are going to want a solid white circle.

Step 7: Adjust your oval so it is a perfect circle and covers all the wording inside one of the circles on the wrap label. You can do this by holding down the “shift” key on your keyboard and selecting one of the corner points around the circle shape, then dragging the corner point to resize your circle.

Repeat for all 4 circles on the sheet. You can do this quickly by copy and pasting your first circle.

This will give you a blank canvas to work with, and you are now ready to put whatever design you would like in the white circle.

Bonus Text Step: You can add text to your pdf by clicking the “Text Box” button, then customize the size/color/font to your liking by using the customization buttons.

Step 8: Click “File” at the top of the screen, then export. Save your sheet as a JPEG file. We will be turning it back into a PDF after we add our logo image.

Step 9: Close your file and open the JPEG you just created.

Step 10: Open your logo image file by double-clicking. This works best if it is a PNG file with a transparent background (so no white box or anything around your logo image)

Step 11: While in your logo image file, press the keys Command(⌘) + A at the same time. This will select your entire image. Then press Command(⌘) + C to copy the image to your clipboard.

Step 12: Click over to your wrap label JPEG file and press Command(⌘) + V to past your logo image into the file.

Step 13: Adjust your image size by clicking and dragging the corner point of the image, and place the image into the white circle you created.

Copy and paste your logo onto all 4 circles

Now we need to save the file back into a PNG for printing.

Step 14: Click File, Export as PDF, then save it to your computer.

Congratulations! You are now a techy-techy genius that can take your FREE wrap labels from Wrap Label Wednesday emails and turn them into customized labels branded for your business!

Using wrap labels with your logo on them will help you look more professional, help your customers recognize/remember your brand and give your packaging and over-all cohesive look.

I hope yall loved this tutorial and are excited to start converting your Wrap Label Wednesday PDFs to branded labels for your business.

Don’t forget to skim through the past wrap label sheets, available in my shop for just 1.05 each or purchase the mega pack of 35 for just 26.50.

I have linked some of my favorite sheets below!

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