How to Help Ukraine By Purchasing Digital Products on Etsy

Here is an easy and efficient way to help Ukraine through Etsy and get money directly into the hands of Ukrainians by purchasing digital products.

I’m sure you’ve heard about all the events surrounding Ukraine. It’s awful. No one should have to endure what they’re going through right now. 

I see the news and sometimes feel helpless. I’m a crocheter, for goodness’ sake! What can I do to help that whole mess? Well, I’ve actually got some good news for you!

Our friends at Etsy have found some ways to help! They canceled all February balances owed to Etsy by all sellers in the region (listing fees, transaction fees, advertising fees, etc.). Altogether, it saved Ukrainians about $4 million!

Do you want to know what WE can do to help? Buy digital downloads!

A lot of finished-piece sellers aren’t able to make or ship finished pieces at the moment, but with digital sales, we can get money directly into the hands of Ukrainian makers and help them during this horrible time of need.

There are PLENTY digital products being sold by Ukrainians like crochet patterns, knit patterns, digital prints, printable planner sheets, coloring sheets, social media planners, Instagram post templates, Ebooks, Canva Templates and so much more!

Note: Be sure you are purchasing a truly digital product and not something that is digital but still has to be customized specifically for you, like a new custom logo.

You could probably find a great resource to help you organize or run your business more efficiently! I even found some branding kits!

Here’s how to filter your Etsy search for Ukrain shops only.

On a desktop:

1.     Go to

2.     Type in “crochet pattern” (or whatever type of file you want to search for)

3.     Choose button “all filters” above the results

4.     Scroll down and find “Shop Location” category

5.     Choose “Custom” and type “Ukraine”

On your Etsy app:

1.     Open app

2. Type in “crochet pattern” (or whatever type of file you want to search for)

3.     Tap the “Filter” button

4.     Scroll to “Shop Location” 

5.     Type “Ukraine” and select “Show Results”

And magically, all results you see should be from Ukraine. You can double-check by clicking on the shop name and looking at their shop info.

If you change your search parameters, like from crochet patterns to social media templates, be sure to set the filter to Ukraine again.

How amazing would it be to see the crochet community support makers in Ukraine in this way? It’s something super simple, totally doable, and will make a big difference for those living in such uncertainty.

You can buy lots or give just a little, I’m sure every bit helps and would be appreciated. Not to mention the sales they get will help boost their “Etsy juice” and help their shop success in the future, not just now!

Even if you can’t support them financially, sharing links to their shops and engaging with their accounts on social media is a free way you can still help!

Here are a few shops I’ve bought from recently. I’ll provide links for their Instagram accounts too in case you want to follow over there.

Happy shopping!
❤️ Ashley

Aradiya Toys

Fayni Toys

Planet Piu

Sparrow Dreamer

I bought some digital paper bundles from these shops!

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