Bitty Kitty Bag ????

Introducing the Bitty Kitty Bag! This is another variation of the Bitty Boho Bag where I show you how to take the Bitty Boho Bag pattern, change it up just a little, and get a whole new bag! The first variation I posted was the Bitty Bow Bag. Check that out if you haven’t already 😀

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For this bag, I made it a little bigger than the original Bitty Boho Bag to give myself more room for the kitty face. I also used all single crochet stitches instead of the rows of bobbles on the front piece.

To make it bigger I just put 6 SC around the end in row 1 (instead of 5) then changed all the increase rows to have 6 repeats instead of 5. I also added one more grow row making both front and back pieces of the bag 9 rows instead of 8. I have provided instructions (with photographs) on how I added the kitty face and ears below. 

Here’s what you will need

Bitty Kitty Bag

Start by taking the front piece of your bitty boho bag (before attaching to the back) and make sure all your loose ends are sewn in.

Thread your pink yarn onto your tapestry needle and insert it where you want the bottom tip of your kitty nose to be.

Pull yarn through (making sure to leave a tail) and place the yarn where you think the first side of the nose should go.

Insert needle into the bag and pull through (not too hard)

Now insert your needle up from the back of the bag, symmetrical to where you just put your last stitch.

Pull yarn through till taut then insert back into the bottom point of the nose.

Come back up through the top right point and then insert into the top left point. Keep checking your tail so it doesn’t get all caught up in the nose stitches.

Now you have the outline of your nose.

Insert your needle back into the bottom point of your nose, pull your yarn through and line where you want your next stitch. It should be right next to the right outside line of your kitty nose. Insert your needle right into the top of the nose. Pull yarn through.

Insert your needle back into the bottom point of your nose, pull your yarn through and line where you want your next stitch to go. It should be right next to the left outside like of your kitty nose. Insert your needle right into the top of the nose. Pull yarn through.

Keep alternating between the right and left side of the nose, making your way to the middle, until the entire nose is filled in. Tie off and sew in your ends.

Now let’s start the whiskers. I like to make all my whiskers with the same piece of string so I don’t have a bunch of tails to sew in later.
Here is a YouTube video demonstrating the technique used for attaching the whiskers. 

Cut a very long piece of white embroidery thread (or thin yarn). Mine is about 6 feet. I’d rather have too much than too little 😀

Thread it through your tapestry needle and insert your needle from the back of your bag, through to the front, close to the top right point of your kitty nose.

Lay your thread where you want your first whisker to go and put a tiny dot there with a sharpie. We will hide this dot later, it’s just to help guide our whisker so its straight.

Insert your needle right next to where you came up from the back then pop it back though the front, about half a centimeter, pointing the tip of your needle towards your sharpie dot.

Adjust your white thread so its going under your tapestry needle then SLOWLY pull through. Your thread can get tangled easily when it’s this long so just go slow and you shouldn’t have any issues. Now you have your first stitch for the whiskers! Only about 100 more ????.

Lay your working thread to the left and insert your tapestry needle right next to where your thread just came out at. Keeping your needle aimed towards your sharpie dot, pop it back through your bag. It’s important you keep it aimed towards your sharpie dot because that is how we are going to keep our whiskers straight.

Slide the thread under your tapestry needle then slowly pull thread through until you have created your second stitch, being  careful not to tangle your thread. If you find it’s too difficult to keep your thread from getting tangled you can cut it shorter and just have more tails to sew in at the end, but it won’t affect your finished Bitty Kitty Bag.

TIP: The half centimeter distance you make when popping your tapestry needle in and back out of the work is what determines the size of the stitch. As long as that is uniform your whiskers will look clean. Also how tight you pull your yarn through can determine the size of the stitch as well, so try to do everything as uniform as possible.

Continue making these stitches (aimed towards your sharpie dot) until you reach your sharpie dot. You should have about 10 stitches.

Mine looks a little wonky but the technique is not going to be perfect. I think it adds to the character ????.

Insert your needle back into your work just past your last stitch and pull through, securing your last whisker stitch into place.

Now we are going to “hide” our embroidery thread, on the inside of the bag, following the path back down the length of the whisker to the nose. Just feel with your fingers where your whisker is on the front and follow the same path with our needle, pull the yarn though. This will limit the “mess” on the inside of the bag.

Insert your tapestry needle where you want the base of your next whisker to start. Then repeat the whole process all over again! Line up where you want your whisker to be, mark it with a sharpie then make your stitches.

My second whisker looks a lot better than the first lol. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t stopping to photograph every step.

Continue repeating what you did for the first whisker; inserting your needle just past your last stitch to secure it, hiding your thread down the same path as the whisker, and inserting your needle back up to the front of the bag where you want the base of your third whisker to be.

After your third whisker, continue hiding your thread (this time going under the pink yarn) and insert your needle at the base of your 4th whisker, symmetrical to the base of your first whisker.

Make whiskers 4, 5 and 6 symmetrical to 1, 2 and 3 😀 Well as symmetrical as you can.

After your last whisker tie off and sew in your ends 🙂 

Now let’s make the ears!

Grab your G Hook (I used a Susan Bates 4.00mm) and the yarn you used for your bag. 

Make Two

Working in the round, start with 6 SC in a magic circle, next row increase to 7, next row increase to 8 and last row increase to 9. It doesn’t matter where you put your increases as long as they’re dispersed throughout and not all on top of each other. Leave a long tail and tie off. Sew in your little tail (not the long one you just cut)

Now follow the Bitty Boho Bag pattern as normal and attach the front piece of the bag to the back. Instead of doing two rows around the top for the brim, stop after just one row and tie off.

Line your ears up and see where you want to sew them on.

Thread the long tail onto your tapestry needle. Insert your needle into the bag where you want your ear to start.

Pull through then insert your needle into your kitty ear.

Repeat going into the bag, pulling through, then going into the ear, until your kitty ear is securely attached. Tie off and sew in your loose end.

Do the same thing for your second ear, and TADA!! Hello BITTY KITTY BAG! You could even add a little bow on the kitty’s ear if you wanted to make it extra girly 😉

Crochet Hook by North Woods Hooks on Etsy

I hope you love this variation of the Bitty Boho Bag! If you make a Bitty Kitty Bag please tag me @AcraftyConcept, I would love to see! You guys are so amazingly talented and I love seeing all your beautiful creations. Make sure to subscribe to the blog so you can get emails when I post fun new tutorials like this one 😀 I hope y’all are having an amazing day.

✄ Happy Crocheting!


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