Etsy Christmas Gift Haul- Christmas 2019

This year for Christmas I decided to buy all my family’s gifts from the crochet and knit community I am apart of over on Instagram.

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I get to talk to these folks every day, watch their businesses grow and drool over how pretty their yarn is, so I thought buying all my gifts from them just made sense!

I absolutely loved all the beautiful handmade things I got to gift to my family, and they loved them as well.

I recorded a vlog style video of me opening each piece of happy mail, sharing what shop it was from and who I intended to gift it to.

I hope you guys enjoy the video and have as much fun looking at each piece as I did! I really enjoyed purchasing items from shops I interact with every day and look forward to shopping within the knit and crochet community from now on!

Gift List

Mermaid Doll- Darling Dabbler
Leopard Print Hat (black pom)- Whimsical Winnie
Storm Trooper Hats and Leopard print hat- Simply Syd Creations
Indoor Snowballs- Yarnfully Yours
Twisted Headbands- Silver Mapel Stitches
Pom Scarves- Ashli’s Little Shoppe
Origami Scrapbook- Pocketful of Memory Co
Green Poms- Rain Cloud Crochet
Macrame Earrings- The Jonesy Co.
Plant Hanger Kit- The Kanna Kraft Shop
Rainbow Pillow- Gracy and Henry Handmade